Behind the Blinds

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As a first blog entry, I guess it would be appropriate to introduce myself and open the blinds of the windows of my world so that you may see inside the day to day life in which I lead.

My name is Courtney. ( I find it humorous that I feel somewhat stuck after saying that....)

... I was a week old Freshman at the University of Oklahoma when my whole world changed. The week before school started I found out that I was going to have a baby. Eighteen years old ( at the time), dating a guy I never intended on spending the rest of my life with, and with a world of possiblities in front of me... and suddenly everything froze as I was forced to make decissions no eighteen year old should have to make. While deciding to keep the baby was no problem for me, the decission to stay at OU for the fall semester was a challenging one. But in the end I found that to be the best decission, with a plan of moving back home at Christmas break. About 3 months later I broke up with my boyfriend ( the baby's father), after realizing that this was no game, and I wasn't going to play "house" with a man I never even loved. I just KNEW that God had something greater in store for me. I was right.

During the next seven months all the following happened by the grace of God: I turned Nineteen ( wahoo), I finished a semester at OU with a 3.8 average ( through the morning sickness and all), moved home, got an AMAZING job for my situation, and then on April 13, 2010 gave birth to my wonderful baby girl, Caroline Jo.

God has used Caroline to change my life and I want to share each day that he gives me with you. By the power of my testimony I pray that the Lord touches some special place in your heart as well. Maybe this is a chane of life changing events for you. God through Caroline, Caroline through you.


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