" I Was A Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids"

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Okay Mommies!
I am currently reading a book right now called "I was a really good mom before I had kids" By: Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile. This is a MUST READ! The subtitle says, "reinventing modern motherhood," and this book does just that.
It first addresses the common daily issues that being mother brings upon a women. From getting time alone to grocery shop to trying to have a simple phone conversation. The best part about this book is how real it is when tackling these issues. They lay it all our there for you when they basically admit that as mothers we say we are happy because we feel like we are SUPPOSED to be happy. When in reality, this role as "mommy" and "wife" aren't the fairy tale we imagined them to be. By reading this book, it relieves you a lot to realize that IT'S OKAY TO ADMIT THAT THIS ISN'T ALWAYS FUN!
an excerpt:
" As we talked, our kids tattooed one another with permanent markers and played in the dog-food bowl. Whatever-it really didn't matter. We discussed our days, and within ten minutes we'd laughed, cried, whined about our husbands, wondered what happened to our sex drives, snapped at the kids, wished we had passions, and questioned why we sometimes felt like bad moms. Were you a bad mom if you screamed at a four-year-old for getting up twelve times in one night? Were you a good mom if you stayed up late baking fifty cupcakes for the next day's ballet recital? Would passing off store-bought cupcakes as homemade really be a terrible offense?"
This along with 172 other pages full of humorous writings make up this awesome book, that could easily be considered, " The REALISTIC mother's handbook."
This book is the PERFECT read when you feel like you have a lot of expectations to meet and you feel as though you are failing at them all.... ie. cleaning the house, bed time routine for the baby, cooking dinner, and some how managing to be nice to your husband/boyfriend/ fiance ( at least nice enough not to run him off). When balancing life becomes just another thing on your to do list, forget the dishes and the laundry and pick up this book. You will feel like a million buck; or at least until someone yells, "MOOOOOOM!"

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