Mind Games

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's that time of night again....10:00 PM and I have just now found 5 minutes to myself. Putting Caroline to bed is one of my favorite times of the night but it seems to last FOR EV ER. But, none the less, she if finally asleep and as I type I am listening to her breath like Darth Vader over the baby monitor, holding my breath that she doesn't wake up every time I hear her stir.

Reflecting over my day, well the past week or so really, I finally have come to the conclusion that often times we get an idea in our heads, and then begin to shape our emotions ( the way we feel) around that idea. Okay, for instance, It has been lately that I have noticed how independent I really am, and recognizing that has made me irritated with things that challenge my Independence ( ie. people helping me do things) . When in reality I don't mind being helped, but that contradicts the idea of Independence in my mind, causing me to get agitated by the act that otherwise wouldn't bother me. It's as though I have convinced myself: Because I am independent, anything that someone else does for me WILL bother me.

Realizing this ridiculously confusing concept is like acknowledging being an alcoholic, it's the first step to improvement. Having such a helpful guy in my life is something I should be GREATFUL for, not challenged by. I have got to learn to stop trying to be "Super Women", and realize I can't do everything. God didn't intend for us to live this life alone...THUS why he mad a companion for Adam, Eve. It is important for both my sanity and my relationships that I let go a little bit and let other people help me out.

Thank you to everyone who has tried and continues to try and lend me a helping hand. I'm excited to show you that I CAN be appreciative.

Mommy Review Of The Day

Today my most loved item is....

The Adena and Anais Swaddle Wrap Set from Target.

This set comes with four swaddle blankets that I found to be the perfect " Night Night" blanket for Caroline. They have Gender Specific patterns on some of them ( Caroline's are pink and brown). My favorite part about these natural blankets are how light weight they are. They are PERFECT for covering little ones up in the Texas heat during the summer when you don't want them to get too chilly with the fan on. They are super soft and very comfy.

I would give this product 5 out of 5.


  1. I find it so much easier to give than to receive. As you can probably guess, I feel much the same as you. But God tells some people to give. Sometimes He wants people to give to people like us so that we can learn to be gracious receivers. Sometimes He wants the person giving to learn how to give. Wouldn't it suck if the receivers always bristled when the givers tried to give?

  2. Very Good Point Lisa... We are so much alike! haha I am trying to learn to be a joyfull giver and reciever. After all, how can I expect people to be happy with what I give them if I am never happy with what they give me?



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