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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I should be sleeping right now seems how it 1:15 a.m. but my creative juices are just flowing and I'm running out of buckets to catch them in. I have already changed my facebook staus 3 times in the past 3 hours ( obsessive? Yes), I have added about 4 lengthy paragraphs to my book that I'm writing, and now I have spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get back onto my blog...clearly that 30 minutes were not wasted because here I sit.

Major focus these days? Running. I enjoyed running before I weighed 35 lbs. heavier than I had my whole life and felt like I was carrying an exercise ball in my stomach, but post baby Caroline I have found running to have a whole new meaning. Sure it's a great way to get in shape, but even more than that, running has given me the ability to have something for myself that involves NO ONE else. I run for me. When I run far and without rest, I am proud of my persistence. When I let my mind tire before my body and convince myself to stop, I am disappointed in myself. When I get finished running ( regardless of the productivity of the run) I feel like I've done something to better myself that day. Now, running has become a passion of mine and I am registering for three 5K marathons that will take place through the end of the year. The Allen Fall Festival 5K, The Turkey Trot, and The Frisco Frosty 5K. If anyone is interested in participating look em up and let me know.

Anyways, so the book I'm writing, has been inspired by this running passion. The catch? It sort of takes it to the extreme. Here's the gist: Single mom finds solitude in running, it starts off as a passion and quickly turns to obsession causing disarray as a mother, daughter, and girlfriend. Her selfishness in staking claims on running lead to her life being changed for the worse. So we will see how this goes. Already I am feeling good. The main character, Lucy, is starting to write her own story... I feel like am the translator, interpreting novel characters and translating them into real life language.

Okay, the bed is calling. Goodnight all!

-Courtney Jo


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