Love and All We Don't Know About it

Monday, October 11, 2010

Here is what I know...

Love was supposed to be a cuss word. Think about it, they all have four letters which is what they have become infamous for: shit, fuck, hell, damn, and love. You know why love should have been a cuss word? Because most often times it is used when the speaker is at a loss for a more distinguished word to say. People can use " four letter words" as frequently as the phrases " A" and "The". Thanks to the people that abuse the words, they sound cliche and have little meaning than to display ones ignorance. Love is no exception to this realization. It has been over used and watered down so much today, that when it is truly felt and sincerely expressed it is under appreciated.


Why bother at all? If the reality is: Love is just another four letter word, then why do we bother to give it any significance in the first place. It's sincerity will ALWAYS be questioned, it's presence will ALWAYS become unnoticed with time, and it will ALWAYS be used, " too little" or " too much", never a satisfying amount.

Someone once said, " To love is the single greatest thing any being can do." I must disagree. If the " single greatest thing I will ever do" is equal to the single greatest thing lets say an abusive, drunken, unemployed, lazy man can do, than I mind as well quit life right now.

Love is involuntary when it's real. It burns like fire in your chest just begging to be released so it can burn through your life. If someone were to ask me if I would choose to love something I would say, " absolutely not." For it is something that will never be appreciated enough to justify the pain ones heart must endure in order to be considered, "in love."

But because love is involuntary and it burns until you set it free, I have concluded that
... I know nothing...


  1. haha i like this one, it very true! The "i know nothing" part at the end made it



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