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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm sure I am a bit bias, but on a regular basis people everywhere comment on Caroline. Random people come up to us and say she's the most beautiful baby, and even today my mom said the UPS guy said, " you need to get that baby into modeling." ( Surprisingly more males gape over Caroline than women). After careful consideration, I think I will slowly get her into some contests or maybe some modeling. I too did modeling as a child, but I was a bit older so to be honest I don't even know where to start with this whole thing. Most agencies don't start will babies so young, but I am just wondering how companies like pampers, huggies, ect. get their baby models. So if anyone wants to contribute information to this new adventure please comment.

Anyways. So all this talk about the baby contest keeps bringing me back to the show " Toddlers in Tiarras" we've all seen it...terrible acting children raising monster parents. Yes you heard me right, children raising parents. That show epitomizes American culture. Since when was it okay for a four year old to tell her mother, " You are really getting on my nerves right now!" ? We all watch each week and laugh at this twisted life style, yet anyone who is a mother can understand how easy it could be to get sucked into this type of situation. We all want THE BEST for our little ones, even at the sacrifice of our time, energy, and sanity. In an essence, mother's tend to live an entire second lifetime vicariously through their children. When Suzy Q. does good in school, somehow as a parent, her mother feels like SHE has now done good in school. Our children's accomplishments are assumed to be our own.

So at what point do we stop thinking about our own pride as assigned, " proud parents" and start to really consider the long term affects of the short term achievements? Which brings me full circle to my new idea of putting Caroline in modeling...is this because I feel like Caroline could benefit from this opportunity, or because I simply feel like I have the most beautiful baby girl and I want the whole world to know it? Maybe A little bit of both?


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