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Monday, October 18, 2010

So often I find myself inspired by the strangest things.

Thus, the old Ford truck with a cracked window. I keep imagining one of my characters driving a pick-up, distinguished by the broken window. There's a story behind the crack, I'm not sure what the story is yet though.


From a creative mind stand point...love this color...it's like a chalky charcoal color. Wonderful! I need to get out the sketch book and transpose this window into either a clothing or floral design. My mind is turning. I love the handle too. It's classic, straight lines, clean.
Movin on...

This arrangement is a lot like the one's I sketch. I love the "spunky" pine cone like inserts. This wheat color looks amazing with the navy. Defiantly a color combo I will be integrating into my winter wardrobe this year.


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