"A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the other one."

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I heard this quote today and fell in love! As a writer I'm just going to go ahead and say... THIS IS SO TRUE! Don't get me wrong, a writer often uses synonyms when the word he/she uses tastes too dry, but I am guilty of using a synonym because it has a simpler spelling ( mostly when I don't have computer access)! On that note, I would like to relate this common laziness in writers to most of our lives.

Lately I have come to find that most often people make the decisions they do because it's "easier" than maybe the other option. This is especially true in the aspect of careers. People tend to gravitate towards jobs that are "easy" to obtain and maintain. Yet, interestingly enough, most people long for more recognition. Notice: All the famous people that you can probably think of didn't get where they are because they just walked in and filled out an application. No, these people did what everyone said would never happen to them.

I can relate. While I work an alternate full time job, I do not accept that I should give up on writing and face the reality that the possibility of becoming a published author is unlikely. If every writer listened to this we would have no literature at all.

The truth is, we should all attempt the things we've been told are impossible because we were probably told that by someone too afraid to do something that wasn't "easy". All good things in life are worth working for. Don't find another word just because you don't know how to spell the one you want to use.

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