Finally Friday!

Friday, July 22, 2011

So it has been a while since I have updated and I figured it was about time. Mainly because I am an obsessive blog stalker and recently admitted my hypocrisy when I was irritated that one of my followed blogs hadn't been updated that week. Then I thought back to my poor little blog... clinging to it's last post like a lifeline, and decided it was time.

Finally Friday: Things that have made this week worth it!

Two new pairs of black heels. So gorgeous!

Poppy seed Chicken made with love by mom upon special request by ME.

Design Star White Box Challenge! ( My favorite episode every season)

Chips and Salsa from Chile's...YUMMMMMMMM!

Good Phone Calls with Good Friends


Going Shopping on My lunch BREAK.


When Caroline says," Momma Momma , I love Momma." or walks around saying " I love you tooooooo" 1 million times. IT NEVER GETS OLD!

Heart filled Prayers....again.

Being on TiME to work... somedays.

Pictures of my FatCat, Sophie, stuck with her butt hanging out from under couch. Seriously! I laughed for like 10 minutes!


the fact the the whole week was spent ringing in the WEEKEND!

That about sums it up for now! Taking Caroline to the Indoor Safari Park this weekend, going out Saturday night, hopefully going to clean the apartment and spend some time outside with Caroline. Church Sunday (EXCITED)!

And That My Dear Was All She Wrote!


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