"You’ve got blessings waiting around the corner." (Psalm 24:4-5)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The amount of time I spend wishing I could have my dream job is increasingly greater than the time I spend doing something to make my dreams a reality. It so easy to talk about doing things in life, and then stare with intimidated eyes at the actual challenge of achieving our loftier goals. My questions has always been: Where do you draw the line between taking action to achieve your dreams AND unrealistically making impulsive decisions that are probably going to be one of those "hinds sight is 20/20" ordeals?

I came across this quote, "Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night", again I felt compelled to pursue something greater than "easy street". We often sit and wonder how famous people have gotten where they are today. Isn't that why we have "E True Hollywood Stories"? We are all so damn interested in the lives of those who have chased their dreams to the edge of the Earth and jumped off the edge when the path ran out. Sure, some people were born into magnificent lives, but a great majority of people you know who seem to "have it all", only have it because they believed in the power of their ambitions. they were not constrained by the typically, " odds are". Needless to say, I'm tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching the game, I WANT TO BE IN!


To the right, my dream office. If I could wake up everyday, shut myself in a room similar to this, and work on my latest of several novels, then I definitely wouldn't be posting a blog entry about how tired I am of not taking risks.

Do I think every day would be easy and fun as a writer? NO! Do I expect it to be satisfying all the time? Of course not! But, what I do anticipate, is that it would feel "RIGHT", at any given time. Despite all of the challenges and ups and downs, I believe that if I were to achieve this goal of mine, I would know that I was were I should be, and would find a level of joy in that. Besides, isn't that all what we are looking for? A sense of belonging and understanding of purpose?

Here is the CATCH, there is close to NO WAY that I will magically wake up and all of a sudden be a self sustaining author working in a chic office as such. The road to this "dream" life is certainly going to be bumpy and unpaved, but up until this point, it really hasn't even been PURSUED. I'm sick of wondering "what if", writing a few miscellaneous paragraphs in the "Next Great American Novel", experiencing writers block, doubting my work, and putting it away unsatisfied. It's time to take my dreams by the reigns and make some SENSE out of them! After all, I'm young enough that if I hit a few pot holes along the way, then I have the time and the energy to scout a better route.

I keep remembering the verse: "You’ve got blessings waiting around the corner." (Psalm 24:4-5)

Now let me leave you with this new questions: How often does a corner turn to you? In my experience, it always takes me turning the corner to find the blessings on the other side. IT'S TIME TO WALK.

...and that my Dear was all she wrote...


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