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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Early Birthday to ME!

For my birthday I purchased a new camera with some contribution from my awesome family. I have been researching different cameras, trying to figure out the best one for my life style: Busy, Loaded down with stuff, need for quick access, and desire for quick mini videos. I was really looking for a camera that would let me capture Caroline's sports and activities with quality pictures. I contemplated a DSLR as they offer beautiful pictures, with such crisp color quality. The downside: I would have to purchase the camera (expensive) and an additional lens to get close to my subjects (even more expensive). ALSO, the fact that I would have to carry and switch these lens in and out as needed. All of that being said, I choose to go with a "hybrid" camera. It is like the top of the line digital camera with DSLR qualities and capabilities. In FACT my new camera has a faster shutter speed by 2X then any affordable DSLR.

Result: My new Nikon CoolPix P500

Why does this benefit you?

Because Now I have beautiful, clear, and vibrant photos to share with you!!



Caroline's No. 1 Rule!

School Picture Day!

... And That My Dear, Was All She Wrote....


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