Dear Husband - A letter to you

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dear Husband,

I write to you today, because I miss you already. I know the time that we spend apart is imperative for our future, but I doesn't make the wait any easier. You don't understand how much you mean to me, and how worth the wait you truly are. You see:

I have been hurt. Before you, I was hurt by boys who didn't realize the value of the heart they held in their hands. Yes, I understand you may hurt my feelings sometimes, but I am entrusting you to be the keeper of this fragile heart here on Earth, as my father is in Heaven. I have been broken before. I believed and trusted in someone who proved themselves unworthy of such power. I know we will have misunderstandings, but I expect to feel confident in you, your actions,your promises, and your words.

This job is not for the meek. This job that you have accepted is not for someone without determination, as I have many standards. Standards that I expect you to want our own child to have someday for a potential spouse. To name a few: I expect you to be a man of the Lord, and to strive to bring glory to his name in all that you do. You must love him with your whole heart, only then will you understand how to love me. For he has shown me what true love feels like. You must also be a gentle fighter. This life wasn't promised to be easy, I expect you to fight for me, for our family, for your faith, and for your future. Sometimes, I expect you to fight with ME. I will respect you when your fight has genuine purpose, and sincere motives. I will love you for fighting when you send me flowers the next day, and surprise me with a bottle of wine. I don't expect perfection, I expect forgiveness and understanding in times of imperfection. I expect you to admire grace, honesty, respect, and modesty. I expect you not to value the skill of being able to serve hot wings and beer while half naked.

Let me tell you a bit about myself for the days, and there will be days, when I forget who I am and what I want. I will need you to remind me, so that I always come back to myself with you in the end.

I dream big! I expect a lot. I am disappointed often. I am impressed by few. I am irritated by many. I am sarcastic. I am not adventurous. I am simple. I am silly. I am picky. I am ambitious. I am "whimsical". I am PINK. I am not jealous. I am protective. I am obsessive. I am intelligent. I am thoughtful. I am emotional. I am stable. I am not wild. I am faithful. I am deep. I am consistent. I am not punctual....ever. I am nervous. I am confident. I am talented. I am fun. I am loved. I am loving. I am hated. I am forgiving. I am accepting. I am a sinner. I am helpless. I am determine. I am a life planner. I am not a daily planner. I am motivated. I am restless. I am hopeful. I am a believer. I am a "doer". I am afraid. I am dependable. I am sincere.

I am 100% me 100% of the time, sometimes that's a blessing and sometimes it's the worst of curses. I am not always proud of who is looking back at me in the mirror, but I am always optimistic about who could appear there tomorrow.

I can not promise you that everyday is going to be action packed, exciting, and worth an encore. I can not promise you that I will never say the wrong things, do the wrong things, or keep myself from feeling things I shouldn't.

I do promise that I will always try.

I need you to be silly.

I need you to be romantic.

I need you to keep your promises.

I need you to love us both. Separately.

Husband, you have chosen a special family to join. You pursued one, fell for two, and become one of three. While you may have not have envisioned going from somethings missing to a complete family, it is vital that you adore Caroline as much as you do me. We are NOT buy one get one free. We are different people. We have different needs. We have different wants. You must love us separate of each other, not one because of the other. You have to love her enough to tell her "no". You have to love her enough to pass on your wisdom and trust her with it. If you have not fallen for her tiny heart, then you have not won mine.

You have big shoes to fill.

I already believe in you. I pray for you. I wait for you.




  1. I love this letter, I love that you wrote it. I think Ryan was a great choice for you and Caroline. I know he loves you both very much. I think he meets the things you wants in a spouse. So many of things you mentioned, I know he has already fulfilled. I am so happy that all three of you found each other. We love you and Caroline so much and are so happy to have you as a part of our family.

    1. Your so sweet! We do love him. I'm pretty sure we I will keep him ;) lol
      It's funny, I actually wrote this about a month or so before we started dating. Which is crazy!



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