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Friday, October 7, 2011

When people hear the word "vintage", they often associate it with the synonym "old". In order to successfully wear vintage clothing, one must begin to pair "vintage" with the concept of "renewal". Vintage style does not stem from someone who views used pieces of clothing as worn out and out dated, but rather as an opportunity for recreation. Vintage clothing and accessories are just long forgotten fashion staples that need to be revived. This "renovated" style is all about the questions, "how can this fashion piece of the past, become a fashion statement today?"

One of the major appeals to vintage style is its affordability. Vintage pieces often times end up in thrift stores and resale shops, where they are typically discounted significantly from what the regular retail value would be. While both of these places are ideal for finding well priced, vintage clothing and accessories, for more authentic vintage pieces, yard sales are the place to shop. Here's the secret: By nature people are hoarders. We hold on to everything, hoping that someday we will rekindle a love with it and reuse it all over again. More times than not, "stuff" starts to take over our lives and naturally we begin to clean out things, oldest to newest. When that old stuff ends up with a fifty cent price sticker on it, that's when their old becomes your new.

Besides being a fairly cheap alternative to add some "spice" to your wardrobe, vintage dressing also allows one to become creative with their style. Just think, if everyone wears only what is "new" in the stores, the room for creativity and uniqueness diminishes because the market of life begins to over saturate itself with a single "look". By blending the current trends with a touch of the past, each outfit can take on an entirely new personality, matching that of the person wearing it. Vintage clothing is the perfect way for one to mesh their need for current styles, with their inspirations from the past.

The idea of having a vintage style may sound appealing, but your ability to pair the right pieces may daunt you. The thing to remember is to look beyond the article itself and begin to imagine it in a new light, paired with your favorite t-shirt or pair of jeans. Sometimes it takes viewing an older accessory with a newer style before the beauty of a vintage piece can be seen. But most importantly, begin to understand, that just as an aging woman prefers not to be called "old", so too vintage pieces do not wish to be categorized this way. They are simply pieces from our past, trying to find a place in our future. They just need the right eyes to see them there.


This is my most recent garage sale find. it was $35. This is a real Coach Messenger purse I'm guessing from the 90's. I'm in love!

Whoop, there is the seal.

My favorite thing about the bag is this ink spot on the back. It gives my bag character and its own personality.

Vintage money bracelet from some old jewelry my grandma had collected over the years

This belt is one just like I had as a kid in the early 90's. It's the traditional leather braid from GAP. I also love my OWL necklace. I bought this on a spontaneous road trip with one of my best friends, at an antique shop. The white scarf on the bottom is one of my FAVORITE fall and winter accessories. Resale shop:$3.

Okay, this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE pair of boots. They are so cute with leggings in the fall. They are from the same resale shop as the scarf.

I call this my Kardashian Jacket

It is so old ladyish when alone, but adorable when thrown over a dress or with jeans!

Resale Shop

Love the Pleat!

...and that my Dear, was all her vintage self wrote...


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