A Measure of Success

Monday, October 3, 2011

"Our greatest fear should not be of failure,

but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter."

- Francis Chan

This quote has been staring me in the face every single day for six months or more as it is in the signature of my work emails, but it wasn't until recently that I started to truly understand the meaning behind it. After an AWESOME dinner with one of my best girl friends, Chelsea, which looked a little like this,

( Yes I asked for two A LA CARTE fajitas and they accidentally brought me two PLATES FULL)

the truth behind these words really became clear to me. We are submerged in a world that constantly measures success in album sales, ticket office sales, and the number of zeros at the end of our paychecks. We are made to believe that we have "failed" if we never get promoted within our companies, or if our product proposals are rejected.

The world has clearly defined success outside of the office as well. Being a successful woman can either mean you have a well paying career, or that you have graduated from college, found the man of your dreams, married him, enjoyed the newlywed years by having dinner on the table by 5 and all of his undershirts folded and socks paired, had a few kids, etc.

None of these things are bad accomplishments in life, nor is there anything WRONG with desiring these milestones (excuse me if it comes across that way), but the real point to be made, is that this success is only temporary, and solely achieving it should be feared.

In my own life, I used to plan on having a very successful career, and was driven by this desire for what I considered a time worthy investment. NOW? I hope to establish a stable career, but if you offered me a VP position I wouldn't take it. I realize the stress and time that comes along with that type of "success", and I would rather be a successful mother than any other job in the world.

I'm not one to keep up with celebrities, but I read an interesting quote from Angelina Jolie the other day in August's Issue of PEOPLE MAGAZINE,

on motherhood "I don't enjoy acting nearly as much as I used to. I love being a mom."

When one of Hollywood's most "successful" women recognizes where her value is, I think we all need to make sure we do too.

All I ask is that you remember this points:

1.) Careers will matter until you retire

2.) Cars will matter until they break down

3.) Clothes will matter until the style fades

4.) Fame will matter until a 15 year old, heart throb with flippy hair captures the upcoming generation.

Are you successful at things that don't matter, or are you constantly trying to be successful at the things that do?


...and that my Dear, was all she wrote...


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