On Being Picky

Monday, November 28, 2011

When I go to order a sandwich, it never ceases to amaze me at how shocked the sandwich people (for lack of a better title) look when I put in my request.

"Turkey, Swiss, White Bread, Mayo. Yes that's it. No I don't want any vegetables. Yes I'm sure."

(and yes this is the way I order it at EVERY sandwich place- regardless)

Over the years it has become obvious to me, that waiters and food servers in general find me "difficult" or "picky". I have since developed a theory that I am not "difficult", but rather so "simple" that people don't know how to accept it. But even if my weird ways are coined as "picky", I haven't quite figured out yet what is so wrong with that.

Sure we are talking plain sandwiches and dry cheeseburgers, but in life, why do have such an aversion to pickiness?

We have all been told at some point in our lives or another "don't be picky", but some of us have carried that typical motherly response into other, more critical areas of our lives. It is in my opinion that settling can be one of the very worst things we can ever do for ourselves, in ANY aspect. If we are not "picky", how does one ever expect to find what they are searching for? Few times in life does the right thing show up the first time we seek it. It is typical of the Lord to send choices our direction, and allow us to sift through them, developing perseverance along the way.

I think the two big areas that this concept of pickiness applies most is in the job scene and relationships. Both are major time commitments, that one often feels thankful just to have in their lives. It is common to see people stuck unhappily at jobs, or unhappily in relationships for fear of suffering over the "loss" of one or both of these things. But is temporary unhappiness not WORTH eventually finding the "one" that you no longer have to compromise happiness for at all? I say yes.

I don't think many people feel comfortable with saying "no", nor do they feel confident that something that meets their criteria will come along. This type of thought process is for the weak of heart. While there is a true need to appreciate what you have, how will you learn to appreciate if no work is involved in the search?

I believe pickiness is one of the best and most attractive qualities in a person, and I will not settle for less than someone who is not at least half as picky as I am. I want to know that I was as hard for them to find as they were for me. Is it too much to ask that they not be as "plain" as my sandwich though? :)

...and that my Dear, was all she wrote...


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