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Thursday, December 1, 2011


I continue to marvel at the different relationships in my life, and this time of year inevitably beckons reflection on how these relationships have changed, grown, faded, or remained the same throughout the past 12 months. I can confidently say that this year has been FULL of changes in relationships, and the primary cause has been my decision to eliminate meaningless ones and pour that energy in more purposeful ones.

In the past year: I have seriously dated someone, broken up with someone, befriended more than 10 new "legitimate" friends, ended friendships with at least 5 people, been on dates with at least 6 different people, pursued friendships with at least 4 of those 6, developed an even closer relationship with at least 1 of those 6, renewed a friendship with 2 old friends, maintained extremely close friendships with my 6 very close girlfriends, and grown 1 friendship into more than just that.
(now you are all wondering where/if you fit into any of those relationships ha!)

It really is remarkable how people come and go in our lives, like a leaves in the wind.

I am proud to say that I am finally comfortable ending both friendships and relationships that do not prove themselves to be fruitful. This is an extremely monumental thing for me as change is something I used to FEAR. In fact it may be the only thing I have truly feared in my life for a long time. This year's relationships changed that for the better.

I speak for myself, but I'm sure if most of us are honest these words are true for everyone: Every relationship should serve a purpose. If it doesn't, limit the attention and emotion you attach to it. For instance: Each of my girlfriends serves a completely different need in my life. That's what makes them all so wonderful and special to me. I'm going to name drop because I know my four best girlfriends won't mind!!

Here's an example:

UT Ashley is the wild child. She always brings out the crazy side of me, and allows me to be "free" of myself for just a while. She encourages me, and supports me by being right there when I need her to take my mind off of the things that drag me down.


OU Alyssa is the friend you find once in a lifetime. She's been by my side for 21 years, and I expect her to be for the next 21. We are growing in to two very different women, but despite any differences, there is nothing that could keep us from each other. She is the friend that is there NO MATTER WHAT I NEED OR WHEN I NEED IT!


TECH Katelyn is the voice or reason and calm in the storm. She always gives me words of wisdom and is full of love for me. Her advice is often blunt, and not what I want to hear, but certainly what I need to. She is logic. She pulls me back down to earth. Kate is there when I need a wake up call! Or a midnight call....


A&M Chelsea is a good glass of wine and a bunch of "you go girl" 's. Chelsea is there when I need someone just "know what I mean" without me even having to say it! She's definitely the person I go to when I just want to vent and toast to that. We both think each other are crazy, we don't talk much while we are apart, but the minute you get the two of us in a room, you have two girls that would do anything for each other (including cutting and pasting 100 colored paper hearts)!


(I specifically posted the schools that these ladies are at because I am so VERY proud of them, where they have taken their lives, and proud to say that I have a best friend graduating from 4 of the BIG 12 Schools. Boomer! Wreck, Hook, and Whoop em Sooner!)

These are just some examples of people in my life that I have every intention of furthering relationships with in the coming year. I encourage everyone to take a look at 2011's relationships and think about who mattered, and who just blew up your Facebook feed with negativity and drama. Pour your heart into those relationships that grow you.


"Those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter."

Perhaps the most important relationship that has morphed this year is the one with myself. I have grown, and improved in countless ways. I have ended the relationship with the me that feared, and began one with the girl that could take on anything.

...and that my Dear, was all she wrote...


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