I miss you!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dear Caroline,

Because I hope someday you read this blog,

I want you to know I miss you. I know this sounds hardly blog post worthy, but I'm at the mall right now, and I Just passed the merry-go-round that I remember you had a blast on last time we were here. I passed a little girl, wearing her pink pajamas at the mall, and it made me think of you. I know your only gone for the night, and that we have only been apart for a few hours, but I want you to know, I miss you all the time! If you had a cell phone, I would be texting you now, telling you how much your loved and how proud of you I am. I love you so much, and just know... That no matter how much being a mom is hard and sometimes tiring, I would ALWAYS rather have you with me than any where in the world!



...and that my Dear, was all she wrote....

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

First off, I have to start by proclaiming what a WONDERFUL October weekend we had. Ryan's parents got to Dallas on Friday afternoon. His Uncle got here Friday evening, and we all went and had big Texas stakes at Texas Road House. We spent the evening staying up late, catching up, and hearing stories about Ryan's dad and his brother. Some of which funny, and others....well no ALL pretty hilarious!

Saturday morning, we did our traditional Chick-Fil-A Saturday breakfast.

Caroline couldn't find the slide, so I had to go up and assist...

...then she had to assist me out!

 (Ryan, Martin, and Uncle Chris)

After breakfast, us girls did some shopping with my mom and sister, while the boys took a trip to fry's electronics, home depot, and then went down my "honey do" list, marking out projects such as "hang light in the playroom, and hang blinds in master". I'm pretty sure Ryan's dad did NOT consider this a relaxing trip, though he did seem to enjoy proclaiming to Ryan, "I am the master, and you are my apprentice!" lol

Today, while the guys finished up the last few items, we spent some time enjoying this pretty day!

While Caroline had fun enjoying the day, and playing all day, we had PROMISED to take her the pumpkin patch today, and she did NOT let us forget. After "Grammy and Opa" left, My friend Whitney came over and the four of us headed to the Flowermound Pumpkin Patch!

We didn't spend TOO much time there, but because we were there within the last hour, we got to park for free (Wahoo! The small victories in life! haha)
First Caroline picked out her little pumpkins:

Then we hunted for some bigger "family" Pumpkins

 Caroline trying to pick up pumpkins

Finally, Caroline wanted to go play more than she cared about getting pumpkins, so Whitney and I picked them out while Ryan and Caroline went to the bounce houses. She had SO much fun, that we decided, for $5 to go back next week just so she can play some more!

Wipe OUT!

Shake it off!

She had so much fun! It really was the perfect way to wrap up the perfect weekend. Came home, and realized that she snuck two baby pumpkins in our wagon (SHH!)
Stay tuned for our pumpkin decorating. I'm sure we will be doing that this week. She's not going to want to leave those pumpkins alone. Here's to a nice weekend, and hopefully a great week!

... and that my Dear, was all she wrote...

Catch Up Post in Photos!

Friday, October 19, 2012

It's been a while! I was actually just checking out my last blog post, to figure out where we are and what has happened since that post, when I noticed that I wrote that EXACTLY one month before Ryan and I got engaged! YES, ENGAGED!!!!

Ryan purposed on 08/31/12.

Since that day, it's just been a crazy world wind of excitement in our lives. Between trips to and from Arkansas, we have spent the fall wedding/honeymoon planning. So far we have established: Date, location, photographer, DJ, honeymoon, and I have bought my dress! You can check out our wedding website here: 

Here are some highlights:

The Wedding

The Reception "SPACE"

Overall it has been a very exciting time, stressful at times, but exciting!

Wedding things aside: Ryan surprised me with a new camera a few days ago, and I have been a little picture obsessed since! I'm about to photo litter the Pink Porch!

What a great fun day it was. So beautiful outside, and such a beautiful girl to get to enjoy it! I'm BEYOND ready for the weekend. Ryan's parents will be in town for the first time since he has moved to Dallas, so it should be a fun time. I'm going to go for now, but have no fear, I'll continue to capture the moments along the way! ;)

...and that my Dear, was all she wrote....
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