Unproductively Productive Weekend

Monday, February 27, 2012

This weekend seemed to be all about the little "midget" that follows me around saying, "Mom, I had a question"
To which I answer,
"what is your question Caroline,"
Only to be followed by a repeat of "I had a question."

She is a trooper with the amount of traveling she does for an "almost two year old". While Ryan does come to Dallas much more than we make the trek up to Arkansas, still, loading up in the car with her movies, "hair phones" (head phones), and lots of snacks every few weeks for two 5 hour drives in 3 days makes her one heck of a travel buddy if you ask me.

Needless to say, with a trip up and coming, Ryan and I spent the weekend pretty much in "play" mode. We had Caroline's favorite breakfast on Saturday at Chick Fil A. There she got to play in the play area for the first time really. She has Ryan to thank for that one. I have always been a little hesitant of that germ infested thing. BUT she had a blast, and too my knowledge she is not slowly being taken over by the gross things lurking in the tunnels.

(Caroline on the slide at Chick-Fil-A)

(Me and Caroline, I was showing her the ropes or should I say tunnels!)

Later on Saturday, we went and ate pizza (what kid doesn't like pizza), and then took Caroline Ice Skating. It probably took us longer to get our skates on than it did for us to skate. But again, Caroline enjoyed it so that's all that we cared about. I think we went around the rink twice, HA, before my back was killing me. Caroline also realized that all she had to do when we were both holding her hands was to hold on and we would skate for her. We quickly changed our strategy on that!

(Caroline liked the ice on the rink)

(Caroline and her Itty Bitty "Boots" as she called them)

(Ryan and Caroline)

After the short lived but very fun and exciting Ice Skating Trip, we walked down to the kids play area at the mall, where I think the highlight of Caroline's weekend occurred. She had SO MUCH FUN running and playing on all the soft structures and slides. It was great. Once the 12 year old boys, who are almost old enough to have JOBS got out of the play area, it was even great for Ryan and I to just sit and talk and watch her run around like a wild animal. I almost went all "where is your mother!?" on the big kids in there, but over all, we all enjoyed it.

I was highly unproductive this weekend with the things that I had planned on doing, but over all I consider this to have been a very successful weekend. What I really took away from it was the understanding of what SHOULD bring you joy in life.

I wanted to get some stuff done, but I feel just as fulfilled having spent a weekend just hanging out with people I love. Having an organized house is only great if you can share it with those you love. Being able to value the time you have with the ones you love is the first step in being about to fully share AND enjoy your life with them.

(Caroline all bundled up!)

Besides, if I enjoy cleaning out socks and jeans more than spending time with those two crazy goons, something is wrong with me! So after countless amounts of jelly beans, tea parties with marshmallows and diet DP, dance parties, and two its-way-past-your-bedtime nights, I consider this weekend PRODUCTIVE.

...and that my Dear, was all she wrote...


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