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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hello all! I know it has been a while, but things have been C.R.A.Z.Y. since the last time I wrote. Here is a quick update. Since my last post:

I quit ABS and have been working with my family at our business, Mirage Custom Pools
Ryan has officially moved to Dallas (though he is in Ark packing up the rest of his stuff this weekend)
Caroline has turned 2, moved from a crib to a "big girl bed", and is very successfully potty training now

Between all of these exciting, but busy things, writing has sort of "slipped down the totem pole" if you will. I am on the MAC right now, but I will try to upload some pics. of the past few month's highlights when I am on my PC tomorrow.

In the mean time, starting tomorrow I am doing a cleanse with my mom called the GM Diet. You can read about it here: . (Sorry, I'm no MAC pro, so I don't know how to make that into a hyperlink on here!) I'm not generally into "dieting", nor am I into cleanses that require you drink funky concoctions or use powders to endure the cleanse. This one, however, uses foods that you should already have in your diet, and basically regulates your consumption.

Basically, over the course of seven days, you consume a strict diet of Fruits, Veggies, Starch, and light qtys. of meat as well as massive amounts of water. The goal is to shed some unwanted lbs. , but also to flush your body of the toxins that our unrestricted diets often accrual. The plan claims to help you loose close to 10-17 lbs. , and after doing some research from people who have actually followed the diet for the complete 7 days, this goal isn't TOTALLY unrealistic! The BIGGER goal is to get rid of the "junk" in our systems, so that we can establish a healthier diet and exercise routine, where we can easily manage our weight.

The plan starts tomorrow, and I intend on posting my starting weight, and tracking my progress until day seven where I will reveal my final weight (lets just hope it's no more than I start at!) Day 1 consists entirely of a fruit and water diet only! Melons are the most recommended, as they keep you full longer, but regardless, only fruit all day. NO COFFEE in the morning :((((. This should be interesting. At least I shouldn't have a problem going over my calorie count!!

I will keep you posted!

Losing weight would be awesome, but more than anything, I have been striving for a healthy lifestyle for a long time now, and but hitting the "reset" button so to speak, I feel that will give me the confidence I need to maintain a restricted yet ENJOYABLE lifestyle. I do have a motive or two, and yes many of them are man made motives like "be in shape to look nice in a bathing suite", but above ALL motives, I continue to remind myself of this thought, "God wants us to enjoy this life, and he only gave us ONE body to do it in. Instead of finding pleasure from the things that destroy that one and only body that we get, I believe the Lord expects us to nurture that body, and look at it as a gift from God that deserves maintenance until he determines I no longer need this flawed human skin." I believe it is our duty to take care of things God gave us, even if they are temporary. This motive should drive each and everyone of us to look and feel our best!!

Anyone interested in doing the cleanse with us is welcome to. I would love to know about your progress if you choose to do so. Saw this pin on Pinterist and it really stuck in my head:

Remember this: Because if you don't take care of the things that hurt you, who will?

...and that my Dear, was all she wrote....


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