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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Speaking of being "up to good", I've been a little MIA lately, so you don't know what I have been UP to at all. Not because anything super major exciting has happened: Well except for the WEDDING, Honeymoon to Italy, Photography Biz. going going going, and married life adventures. The main reason I haven't been blogging is because while life has been busy, crazy, challenging, fun, inspiring, and tiring, the main thing it has been is good. Life is just GOOD.

Here's an updated, fabulous Iphone quality photo of us! lol We found a cover band recently that we really enjoy. We originally heard them at Shops at Legacy, but here we are going to see them again in Uptown at Sambuca. Check out Electric Circus HERE

The guitar player tossed me his pick at the end of the night. Yup, we are groupies! :)
Speaking of groupies, for those of you who follow Miss. Caroline Jo, here she is and all her glory these days:
She's as goofy, loud, talkative, energetic, smart, loving, and happy as ever. 

Most important to her these days: saying prayers, asking for a sibbling, listening to Taylor Swift "Never Grow-Up", gymnastics, splash day, swimming, wanting to do swimming lessons, etc.

Cutest sayings these days: "A thought just popped in my head that......." , "Well, the good news is......"
She's just a bundle of hyper happiness, and we are loving ALMOST every minute of it. The other minutes we are pulling our hair out, tired of talking in our "stuffed animal voices" and playing "good dog bad dog" and "Jake and the Neverland pirates". 

Now that things have calmed down since the wedding, and summer is SLOWLY going away (I HATE THE HEAT), I have a couple of home improvement projects on the horizon. 

1.) Paint the front door

2.) Embellish the hall wall with some canvas photos.
3.) Bedroom wall timeline
4.) Order Monogram From Etsy
5.) Slip Cover Front Couch

I'll be sure to post MY version of these projects as soon as I do them. I'm loving this season of home life, now if it could just cool down, I would REALLY be a happy girl!

Cheers to the GOOD in life!!

...and that my Dear, was all she wrote


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