Dating My Daughter

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Today was somewhat of a rare gem of a day, Caroline and I had a relaxing Sunday at home while Ryan was at the Rangers game with my little bro.  It seems so simple, but these days with two full time jobs, pre school, splash days, trips to Arkansas, weddings weddings weddings, and newlywed bliss, the chance to just "chill" is so rare! Today I got to "date my daughter".

Our simple day started with a trip to church, a great sermon, and a happy Sunday schooler. Then I gave Caroline the choice of anywhere she wanted lunch from. She chose home (simplicity). I opened the option up for lunch, and she chose Ravioli (simplicity). We made Ravioli, sat in the floor and ate to "A Bugs Life" on TV. Afterwards, we made a banana and Cookie Butter smoothie. We chilled, we cuddled on the couch, we watched Disney shows, then we wrapped up the afternoon by baking brownies before the boys came home (more simplicity). Below is a collection of the SIMPLE moments that made up the afternoon.

 My Buddy
 Learning to cook
 Proud to "do it myself"
 Gotta have a little taste
 Kitchen Toys
 Brownie Making is Serious Biz!
 Licking the Paddle is a must
 Licking your leg is optional
When the paddle and your leg isn't enough, there is always the good ole spoon.

Looking through these simply sweet moments today, it inspired me to write a letter. It inspired me because this girl is so precious to me. This girl is more than anyone deserves. She is a gift, she is "more precious than rubies"(Proverbs 3:15), she is a daughter of the King, and some ground rules need to be established. So it goes:

Dear Future Boyfriend,

I need to give you some direction for Dating My Daughter. If you rolled your eyes at that last sentence, then walk away now. You are not the one. 

Before you is a girl, that was raised by a gentleman. She knows what to expect. She knows how you should act. She knows how you should speak to her. She knows what words you shouldn't use, and she isn't afraid to call you out when you act "inappropriately", "speak inappropriately", or "break her heart". In fact she has no fear of speaking about ANYTHING. Do not expect her to sit and look pretty. While she is probably the most beautiful girl you will ever have the pleasure of eating a meal with, she is full of wisdom, knowledge, opinions, questions, and answers. She will share them with you. Use them wisely. 

This girl has a heart for God. She knows her savior. She knows that she was "wonderfully and fearfully made", and she knows that someday she will "meet God and Jesus". Try to change her mind about this, and I will change your ability to have a bright future. 

This young lady understands the difference in right and wrong, she does not like to "disappoint", and she does not like when you frown. She is not afraid to ask you why "your face looks like that". She is in tune with your emotions and they MATTER to her. It's very important that you boost her self esteem  by honoring her attentiveness to your body language and emotions. If you don't believe that "actions speak louder than words", then your with the wrong girl.

She is satisfied with PB&J, Chick-Fil-a, a good bowl of cereal or ravioli. Don't try to "buy" her affection. She finds happiness and joy in the simplest of things. All she wants is your attention and your time, not your money. If you planned on impressing her with your fast car, fancy restaurant, or flashy clothes, you will be sadly disappointed. I know she will be if that's all you have to offer. She is going to do big things; not because she was born into the life of the rich and famous, but because she was destine for greatness.

Caroline is fearless (except when it comes to bugs), she is a firecracker. She is the complete package. She has the personality, the brains, the looks, the talent, the compassion, the faith, and the promise.  You don't deserve her. I don't deserve her. If you are not up for the challenges of dating her...don't date her. I write this to you while she is 3 years old. I write this to you now, because everything I need to know about the woman the little girl who licked the spoon of my brownie bowl will become, I already know. Just look in the eyes of the little girl she was today, and know that the same little girl lives in the woman you want to take out on a date. If you can't handle the little girl that licked her legs when there was a little bit of brownie yet to be tasted, then you will not be dating my daughter.


Caroline's Mom

...and that my dear, was all she wrote...


  1. Well said and so true!! As Caroline's grandma, I would add something to the letter from me. IF you ever get the opportunity to date my granddaughter, you better treat her with the respect she deserves. If not, you better be a fast runner because you will have a large group of people after you and if I am still around I will be leading the pack!!

  2. I am Carolines Grammy, Alice Fry, and I love this precious little girl and her mommy and daddy with all my heart!!



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