Taco Wednesday?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

 Everyone mark your calendar. Yesterday, August 21, 2013, Courtney Jo Fry actually cooked dinner, and we were eating BEFORE 8 O'Clock PM! What what?!?! No, but seriously. I definitely dislike to cook, and I rarely do. Usually we do something quick and easy. My fam is no stranger to Cereal Night. Getting home at 6:30 pm or later at times, makes having any sort of gourmet dinner quite a challenge unless there has been some meal pre meditating and prepping happening. Lately, however, I have had a menu posted for the week, setting an outline for our dinner goals. YES it changes. YES it' written in chalk, so things are often switched or ditched. This week, however, we have stuck to our dinner plans like glue. Wednesday's menu- Pampered Chef's "Taco Ring". You can find the Pampered Chef's original recipe that I used HERE. I added a few things myself, and took several things away. Here is the recipe by picture below:

 Main Ingredients: hamburger meat, 2 cans of crescent rolls , taco seasoning, Mexican cheese, and egg

 Brown yo' meat, remove from heat

 Mix in 2 tablespoons of AGUA, 1 cup of cheese, and packet of taco seasoning

 Should look like this once it's mixed

 unroll (2) cans of crescent rolls, break apart the triangles....

 ...and arange with the big end overlapping one another and towards the middle. Fill with meat. Close.

Whala! Should look like this all sealed up. BTW using a cooking stone like mine above is the BEST thing to cook the ring on IMO! I also cracked one egg and brushed it on top to help it brown 
(not mentioned in the recipe)

 Yumminess 10 minutes in to it's 22 minute cook time. About 3 minutes before finish I snuck in some shredded cheese on top to melt. (I'm a cheese junkie)

*Angel's Sing* That's IT. Easy Peasy.

Dinner is served. I topped mine with sour cream, but you can also fill your ring with guac, queso, taco toppings, beans, rice, etc. *GET CREATIVE! And your really doing good when the 3 year old eats all of her's and the hubby goes back for seconds! 

Dinner-0 Courtney-1

...and that, my Dear, was all she wrote...


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