Lessons on Rain

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rain Rain please do stay, it's a nice break from 100 degree days

These past three rainy days have been FAB.U.LOUS in my opinion!! 

1. Our yard is smiling

2. While building pools is tough in the rain... it's been a great opportunity to catch up on some stuff in the office.

3. I needed some lazy nights, and nothing says "lazy" like the patter of rain on the windows. 

Yesterday I was circling the shark tank of a parking lot at Walmart, and like everyone else I was looking for that lucky front row spot while it was pouring down rain. After a few minutes, I finally gave up and resorted to a parking lot near the back of the lot. Around me everyone was running in, sheltering their heads with purses and bags, and crowded around the door waiting for a break in the rain to dart to their cars. At first I was dreading the un-defeatable walk inside, then I submitted to the weather and walked slowly inside. I was wearing my rain boots, I was definitely dressed for the weather, and in that moment I just took in the coolness of the day, the refreshing feeling of the rain, and loved that child like feeling of unconcern for how my hair looked, if my make up was "fixed", my shoes were dry, or anything at all for that matter .Went in, got my stamps, and weaved my way out the door. 

Today, it was raining when I picked Caroline up. The second we walked out the door she said, "It's raining, oh no, ruuun!"

My first reaction? "RUUUN" My second reaction? "Oh no! She doesn't know how to walk in the rain!"

When we got home, we geared her up, and went straight back out for some hands on learning. At first she was not into intently walking out into the rain (this is the same girl, that picked her "smash" cake apart one bite at a time at her first bday party). After a minute of encouragement she realized, "MAN, this is great!"

 "I don't know about this?! Oh, wait, yes I do!"


 Life really is this simple

Who doesn't want to play a Kazoo in the rain?!

I love this little "Thang"

Some how in just three short years, a mentality was formed in her little head (undoubtedly due to our influence) that rain is undesirable to be caught in, it's a signal to hurry to your destination with the goal of staying as dry as possible. 

We often hear the expression "stop and smell the roses", but it's usually not raining on your head when your out in the rose garden! Somewhere along the line we loose that child like CAPABILITY of initially finding a joyful experience in something so insignificant. Maybe we feel that I'm-an-adult-and-I-should-be-acting-more-mature mentality, or possibly we forget HOW to enjoy being out of our element as we settle into the "norm". Whatever it is, I want to make sure that Caroline has a fair shot at those childhood desires to splash in a puddle, and make mud pies, run through a sprinkler, and pick those little yellow yard weeds and call them "beautiful". 

As a parent who seems to always be in a hurry, it's so easy for me to "grow her up" too fast. I don't always look for the opportunities to allow her to be a kid. Sometimes I say "no" to things that have no reason not to be a "yes". I don't want her to stop "dancing in the rain" and relishing the Moment in life. 
Plus this should really help her on a rainy day in the Walmart parking lot in a few years.

Proverbs 15:13 - "A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit."

... and that my Dear, was all she wrote...


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