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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm so sad that I look back and see I haven't blogged since October. That means one full month has gone by and then some! Things have been busy, good, but busy!! I try my best to keep up with The Pink Porch, but sometimes the ease of the "share on Facebook button" on my phone lures me away from taking the time to actually write and share with you readers! Here's a quick recap in pictures (because we all love pictures right?!) of our past month.

Halloween ended up being a success!
One of Caroline's Very Best Buds came to Trick-Or-Treat. They got TONS of candy, and in the end both wanted to eat a yogurt! OKAY WHATEVER!
We had a niece! Ellie Grace Turner 11/16/13!! Is she not the cutest thing EVER!?

Headed to Florida for our Thanksgiving Family Vacay! Made a pit stop along the way at the Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana. It was pretty cool actually. SHH! Don't tell Ryan. It was his idea, and I wouldn't want him to think he ever has any good ones! ;)
Caroline took "FRY" in his stroller all around the plantation. She even stopped for a photo op of him. Like mother like daughter.
WE HIT A DEER!! Ripped off Ryan's Driver's side mirror. Not a scratch on the car besides that. $500 to fix that stupid mirror UGG! I'll spare you the real picture of the deer!! It's pretty bad!

We finally made it to Rosemary Beach, Florida. There is a cute candy store called "The Sugar Shak" that Ryan and Caroline visited every day while we were there and spent our life's savings (JK!). She loved it! We still have candy at home from there we are trying to eat, along with the Halloween

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! A little family photo time.

Did a little Black Friday Shopping. Ryan is happy with his new TV. *SHHHH! I like it too!*
After Thanksgiving, Frenchie came to town. She has been up to elf shenanigans as usual!

Been working my Plexus business! What a blessing it is!! Signed an ambassador this past weekend, and another joining my team this week. I have learned so much about MLM's through training and reading, and I'm in love!
**PROMO MOMENT** Visit if your interested and let me know!!

...and lastly, this past weekend we spent 3 full days cooped up at home for the 2013 ice storm. Had TONS of great family time. I was going crazy by Monday morning, but now that life is getting back to normal, I'm thinking "COME BAAAACK!"
This week I have gotten most of my Christmas shopping done, sent out Christmas cards, and managed to learn a Photographers "life lesson" and it's only Wednesday!!
Last night I went to take pictures of my parents. We had planned this last week, weather and outfit adjustments changed our plans. Before leaving I talked myself out of bringing my backup camera, mainly because it's bulky and I have NEVER used the backup. I grabbed my two "fully charged" batteries, and was out the door!
We got to the place to take pictures, and BAM "no SD card"! WHAT?! Okay, no biggie, I have more in my bag, problem solved.
*Click Click Click* 50 pics in (for a session that's not many) and BAM my battery died.
"WHAT THE HECK" I'm thinking to myself, as I KNOW those were fully charged. Whatever! I have my second battery.
I pop that sucker in, and in the corner it flashes "low battery". ARE YOU SERIOUS!? At this point, I'm mad, confused, annoyed, and feeling sick! We got about another 50 photos or so in, and that was it! DEAD.
I was MORTIFIED! I literally wanted to crawl under the table and cry. I know it was just my parents, but seriously! How can I expect them to be proud, when the one time they are exposed to my profession, I FAIL! UGH. Too angry to proceed, Ryan stepped in with his trusty IPHONE and snapped some more pictures just in case for whatever reason those didn't come out. Even though they kept telling me not to worry about it, YEA RIGHT, do you know me?! I can't help it, I want perfection!! I got in the car and cried all the way to dinner. Cried because I was mad, confused, and embarrassed.
They were great sports about it (AS ALWAYS). I'm thankful it happened with them and not one of my three session this weekend. If it had happened then, I may have just asked God to take me right then, because I wouldn't have been able to handle that humiliation.
I'm still trying to figure out what lesson God was trying to teach me: is it "always be prepared"? OR "Don't get too big for your britches. Carry the extra camera."? OR "Perfect isn't possible, I am the only perfect one."
It could be a million things!
 I do know one thing though.... I will NEVER again leave home for a photo shoot without tested batteries, a back up camera, and a little prayer!

...and that my Dear, was all she wrote...



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