Fry Christmas Eve

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas! Here is a peek at what our Christmas Eve Day looked like... lots of laziness, making cookies, and getting ready for the big man!

Happy Holidays! Enjoy!

What Happens in The Middle of the Night...

Monday, December 22, 2014

Darkness brings about strangeness it seems. Things that are not scary by day, become ominous at night.  The night brings calmness and stillness along with it, as well as sometimes fear, and change. "Big Moves" are often made, mysterious and questionable acts are often preformed, sicknesses are slept off, and children grow up....all in the middle of the night.

Having a newborn makes it easy to see these changes. Just last Monday (a week ago today), I was complaining to Ryan about how Hudson wouldn't smile at me like it said he should be doing by that point. I would talk to him and talk to him just hoping eventually he would smile when he heard my voice. One night last week (I can't even recall which), he went to bed in his tiny little crib, and the next morning I was doing my usual morning baby talk with him....and he smiled. He smiled once, and I assumed it was a fluke. I did it again, and sure enough, another smile! Since that morning, he's been smiling non stop all week. Every morning when I first talk to him he grins ear to ear. If you make eye contact and do pretty much Overnight he changed. He grew up just a little. Considering the amount of milestones he will hit within his first year, every single night he goes to bed, he wakes up seemingly a bit older. It's crazy what the night does.

After posting those pictures of Santa the other day, I pulled out the previous years visits with Santa, and just wanted to cry a little when I looked at Caroline. In 2012 she sat on his lap and looked like a BABY, then last year in 2013 she sat on his lap looking like a toddler, still little and tiny. This year I look at her on his lap and she looks like a CHILD. She is no baby any more...she's a little girl. There comes a point sometime after the first year or two, where the change slows down, it becomes an elusive thing. You can't see the moment things are changing, you can simply reflect on them once they have. It's crazy what the night does.

As a parent there are moments in every child's life that we will certain phases to pass. I was doing it just a few blog posts back! We face difficult road blocks in parenting like sleeping, teething, potty training, terrible twos, and for some terrifying threes even. These times are straight up ROUGH! But, in the midst of these trials, our little ones continue to lay their heads down each night, and the night grows them. They continue to change. 

I write this not as just a lesson to be learned by all parents, but as a reminder to myself as well. Some days are hard, and some phases are difficult, but regardless of how long they feel, the years truly are short. You can't dwell in these hardships, because if you do, at night while you are sleeping, your little ones will grow up, and you won't be able to look back with fondness and happiness of the memories you have of their little selves, instead the night will bring for you fear and regret for what you are loosing. 

So tonight, while your littles are asleep... tip toe in and kiss their sweet heads. Remember the way they look when they sleep. Listen to them breath those slow steady breaths. Take everything in. Don't let the night come do it's thing, until you have enjoyed one last moment of the age they are today.

(October 2013)

A Visit To The Man In Red

Saturday, December 20, 2014

I know it's late, and I have no idea why I'm not sleeping (it's 1 am). Knowing I will have to wake up at any hour in the night with Mr. Hudson, one would think I would be sound asleep.... what's wrong with me? :(

I wanted to just share our pictures from Santa this year, real quick!

We went to the mall tonight for Caroline (and Hudson but mostly Caroline) to sit on Santa's lap. Dressed in coordinating jammies, we showed up expecting a huge line being the Friday night before Christmas. When we got there however, we were pleasantly surprised that there were only a few people in line in front of us and the line grew only slowly behind. 

When it was our turn, Santa was ALL ABOUT HUDSON (sshhh... I felt kinda bad for Caroline since she was more excited than Hudson about seeing Santa, but he was totally into the baby pictures.) seriously... have you ever seen such a theatrical Santa?? I love how "into" it he got. Things like this are what make the holidays such a fun time of year. 

Not gonna lie... I was kinda dreading going to Santa tonight, but had promised Caro too many times to back out. I'm so glad we did. These pictures will make for some fun memories to look back on when Hudson is bigger. Santa is already making plans for next year. He told me to come around Thanksgiving for a practice session so we can gauge Hudson's reaction and plan for what poses we will do during the real deal. HAHA LOVE IT!

6 Week Update!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

(Ugh, aren't they precious ?!)

Just thought I would write a quick little update on this here handsome dude.

Hudson turned 6 weeks old this week. I can't believe it! We survived the month of doom and then some. I will say, however, his "month of Doom" seems to be a bit longer than his big sister's, but we are slowly adjusting. 
I haven't had much time to take pictures, as these two crazy kiddos keep me on my toes!
 Ugh, aren't they precious though?!


So 6 weeks
Size- 0-3 officially. Makes me sad. In fact, I haven't even brought myself to pack up the newborn clothes. It's too much acknowledgement that he's actually growing up! (TEAR)
But seriously, if you'r buying him and Xmas outfit, or any clothes right now, 0-3. PS- He needs jammies

Eating: 4-6 oz at a time of Similac Sensitive. For a while we were feeding him 3 oz. then ALL of a sudden it was like he HAD to have 4, then he started getting really fussy out of no where for a couple of days. We soon figured out that we would give him 4 oz. he would be fine for 45 mins then he wanted 1-2 more. Needless to say, he was hungry. He's a growing boy! So depending on what time of day he's eating up to 6 oz.

Sleeping: HA! What's that?? This guy is NOT what I would call a good sleeper. I'm not saying he's the worst I have ever heard of, but certainly not as good as some. Going to bed between 9-10pm, he generally wakes up and eats between 1:30-and 3, then goes right back to sleep. The problem is, he wakes up about 2 hours later and wants to do it all over again. I have two choices:

1. Feed him again (then he's gassy, and miserable, or spits up)
2. Go in there 100 times to give him his paci (which isn't what he really wants anyways)
So either way, it's not fun!
He gives me one good stretch and then after that it's anyone's guess.

I'm trying not to develop bad habits so he sleeps in his bed mostly, but after fighting him more than a couple of times at 5:15 am, I usually give in, go get his car seat, and strap him in. He sleeps next to me in his a baby! Today he slept from 6-8:30 without a peep in that seat. Lets just hope he's not 5 and still trying to sleep in his baby carrier, but for now, whatever works, and whatever gives me some rest!

Hud my Bud in his carseat, snoozing away!

Smiles: sporadically. He's not quite to the point where he actually smiles when something is entertaining, although occasionally I talk to him and he smiles, so I like to believe it's because he likes me a little bit. I truly can't wait for the smiles and laughs. That's when the fun starts!
He does make little baby coos and caughs now. Which is cute!

He Likes: Being Held. Period. He LOVES to be held. Which makes chasing a 4 year old around much harder! I use this baby carrier to assist! I have the Moby Wrap that my sister-in0law gave me, but it's like 100 ft, long and you have to do all of these weird wraps and stuff. The JJ Cole carrier is already shaped like you need to wear it, so you just slip it on, put baby in, and wrap the sash around his bottom. It's a life saver.

He also likes to sit in his Bumbo chair (working on our neck muscles).

He likes daddy's weird random songs

He loves his sound machine and mobile that projects on the ceiling. They sell it at target and it's WAY cool because you can actually tilt the projector so it shines where ever he is in the room (like sometimes when I change his diaper or clothes, I shine it over the changing table. He loves it!). It's also cool because I don't have to have a mobil hanging over the bed. This works just great!
Check it out here

He also has started to ACCEPT his bath!

Overall he's growing and changing just like he should. 

One thing I'll note that pretty much sums up this stage is that we are finally to the point where everything isn't a battle. At first when they are newborns, it feels like dressing them makes them mad, diaper changes make them mad, baths make them really mad, etc. Now we can actually get dressed, change poopy diapers, and bath without too much complaining. It does make mothering much more tolerable!

On another note: we recently took our Christmas Pictures during a fun mini session with our favorite photographer - other than myself of course ;). They were fun, and turned out great. We love capturing the whole fan as much as we can with these ever changing munchkins. 

 The whole gang
 My Girl
 Gah- she's gorgeous! 

Writers Block? More Like Writers Black Out!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Have you ever tried writing a book? Chances are that the answer for most of you is, "no", which in all truth is good! For those of you who have, it's likely you will understand where I'm coming from when I advise others to cross that off your bucket list before even attempting it.

This journey of book writing is literally the at the top of my "Most Frustrating Thing Ever" list, right there with:

1. Middle of the night baby feedings
2. Talking to automated machines for customer service
3. Attempting to make changes to your identity by visiting the DMV

Yes, somewhere nestled in there is "Book Writing". 

Having been the best in my Creative Writing class, English Student of the Year, and a Professional Writing major during my little college stint, one would think that writing would come naturally, and that words would fall freely and endlessly from my keyboard like snowflakes on a Manhattan Christmas. This, however, is so far from the case. Let me share with you some of my struggles of writing a book.

1. I feel like I could "Brainstorm" forever- As a perfectionist, I seem to have some sort of phobia against actually STARTING my manuscript. You see, I have this notebook that I carry around, constantly jotting down ideas in fun colored markers and pens. I have pages of Character Analysis', Plot Maps, etc. 
Every time I sit down with a blank document to actually start to write, I instead feel like I'm not prepared enough, like a I don't know enough about my Characters, or I need to figure out further details about my setting. It's as though I'm afraid if I don't have all of this figured out, then once it's written it can't be undone. Therefore, I just continue to outline this book endlessly until 1. it writes itself out of the pain of being analyzed to death or 2. I run out of pages in my notebook, loose the notebook, and forget everything. This is a problem. No writing= No manuscript. 

2. I continue to come up with ideas that I know only surface information about.
(Enter Stage Right: Google). Yes, I spend 90% of the time I'm not brainstorming on Google, trying to verify the facts of certain ideas that come up in my book (if there were such a thing). One Google article leads to another, which is followed by a Facebook ding, which then warrants a phone call, and before you know it I have only vaguely figured out the facts I needed to know, and have still not started typing.

3. I'm addicted to reading other author's biographies and Q&A's on their blogs and fan sites. So much so that I begin to question everything I'm writing and doing because I figure, "they are published authors, maybe I should do what they are doing." This is until I visit the next author's page, who totally contradicts the other three that I have read about today, and I continue to realize there is no right way to do this thing: Book Writing.

Needless to say, writing this book may be the very last thing I do on this Earth. Mostly because it may take until my late 90's to actually complete it at this rate.
There was really no purpose to this blog (besides to distract me from actually working on the book). That being said, I'll leave you with something positive to make your time worth it:

If you love something, pursue it. There will be times when you hate it, times when you question it, times when you really don't know why you ever loved it at all. Pursuing it though, will either strengthen your love for it or highlight your disinterest. It's good to get that straighten out within yourself so you never wonder "what if..."

What we should be reading about instead of "what to pack in your hospital bag"

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

This week marks week 4 of chaos over here at the Fry household, as Hudson turns 1 month old on Thanksgiving! Ryan keeps saying, "It just doesn't seem like it's been a whole month already, does it?!" 
To which I continue to respond, "Ehh, yeah, I mean maybe. Kinda. Like I can't believe it'a already been a month, yet at the same time... I feel like he's been here robbing me of my sleep and sanity for an eternity!" Mixed emotions much???

As we come to a close on the "month of doom" I talked about in my previous post, I have really been thinking about this past month and all the crazy things I have thought, felt, wished for, cried over, prayed about, questioned, and laughed about; all of the things I have adjusted, adapted to, accepted, and acknowledged. With all of these reflective thoughts and the surplus of people I know expecting little bundles of joys in the coming months both in person and on Facebook, I thought I would shed some realistic light on the changes that bringing a new baby home brings.

Facebook is such a deceptive tool at glorifying different life experiences of your friends and family. Occasionally we see a post of someone expressing negative feelings, to which we usually chalk it up as "that 'dramatic" person" on our Newsfeeds. The "NORMAL" people only share or post about the fun trips they are taking, the neat concerts they have tickets to, the fun family gathering they have attended, etc. We all talk about our spouses and how amazingly awesome they are on "Man Crush Monday" or "Woman Crush Wednesday". We post the funny things that come out of our toddlers' mouths. We share selfies and photos of our adorable kids, spunky pets, and our just made up and fixed up faces #bestdayever. 

Rarely do we share our reality. Why? Because there is a small part of all of us that wishes our life was  always "rainbows and butterflies" and subconsciously believe that if we only share what we want people to know about, and convince our "friends" about our great lives, then somehow we have it all together off of the internet too. Think about it: how often do you really see posts like 

"Feeling Frustrated! I don't understand why I have to do everything around the house, feed the family, do everyone's laundry, and when I ask for (HUSBAND) to take out the trash, he rolls his eyes like a five year old, and it makes me want to just slap someone. #MCM #lovehim #besthubbyever"


It is for that reason that I'm sharing the reality of having a newborn here. Because on Facebook I can post adorable pictures we have had taken of him, I can share status about how sweet he is before his bath, but what I don't do is post at 2 am when I'm awake with him... unable to get him to sleep... alone... angry that I'm awake... and truly questioning what we were thinking having another baby!?

So... for all the new moms and mommas-to-be that I'm friends it is- What we should be reading about instead of "what to pack in your hospital bag".

You are going to be on an adrenaline high when you get to the hospital to welcome your bundle of joy. You really will be. It's great. It's magical. It's like NO other experience in this life. Relish in it.
The first couple of days of your newborn's life will be spent in the hospital, with round the clock company, help, and assurance from Doctor's and Nurses. You can ask questions and get immediate answers that you will trust from a "professional". You can send the baby to be cared for by "professionals" in the nursery while you catch some ZZZZZ's (AND SERIOUSLY... DO THIS! Don't try to be supermom... enjoy the help). 

Then you are going to bring your baby home. Your going to show him/her around your house and then he/she is going to sleep pretty much 90% of the day for that first week or so, and you and your spouse are going to think: "This isn't so bad. Why do people make it sound SO bad?"

Then week two is going to set in. Little Love won't sleep quite as much, he/she will be pooping out more than his body weight in fecal matter, and your google searches will have gone from "where is the best place to eat in town on Saturday nights" to "is projectile vomitting normal in newborns?" and "how many oz should my 2 week old be eating?" In fact, google will become your main source of assurance (which is scary in and of itself) that 'Yes, you officially do NOT know what your doing or how ANYONE does'. 

Weeks three and four are a blur of diaper changes, buying 5 different types of bottles to figure out which one's actually prevent the most gas, testing of 2 types of formula to help him be less "fussy", many (and I mean MANY) laps around the house as you think "I have no idea what else to do for you!?!"

During these weeks you will question SO many things. You will wonder why you ever rocked the boat in the life that was once so "normal" and "easy" and "fun". You will question if things will ever get better/easier. You will ask yourself how can I keep doing this day after day. 

...and guess what... that's OKAY! As a mom, we all do it. 

You will love your new little one. There will be moments you look at them and just want to cry because they are so cute and innocent and precious. For that moment you will take back every negative thought you had.  You will post an adorable picture of your baby cuddling you with those sweet baby yawns. You will vow to enjoy every last second of their life. Then a sleep deprived you shows up the next day, and during that 6 pm melt down (by the way every kid changes from angel to gremlin around the 6 pm time... that doesn't change) and you start questioning (and googling) all over again.  

Then one day... it gets better. One day you look back and realize yesterday wasn't quite as frustrating as the day before. Suddenly you feel a little more equipped for this job than you did last night. 
It really happens that fast. 

Hormones are a very real and very frustrating thing that us momma's have to deal with after having a baby. Your husband will probably look at you like you have 10 heads. Other women will empathize with you. You won't even RECOGNIZE you. 

Just be prepared. Be prepared to not look like the mother's in the Pamper's commercials. Always snuggling a cooing, smiling baby. Be prepared for the questions and the uncertainty. Be ready to feel confused, and guilty, and sad, and excited all at one time. Be prepared to wonder why. Be prepared to love something so much you would give your own life for it, and at the same time feeling like that same little thing is sucking the life from you!

During this past month I have been more emotional than I have been my entire life. I love Hudson more than words can express, but saying good-bye to the life I knew has been hard for me. Accepting that the ease of raising one child is temporarily on hold and that a lot of hard work lay ahead, hasn't been as "natural" as I remember it being. I have struggled so much to actually believe that we will find a "normal" again. BUT- I will say... it gets better. Every single day gets easier. Every day you feel like you understand your baby more and more. Each morning you have a better and better idea of what the day will hold. To top it off, each day you are further and further away from the life you knew before them. 

I tell you this not because I want you to look at having a little one as a negative, but rather that you should know... despite everything you are about to experience and feel, there will be days that you browse your Facebook newsfeed and wonder if anyone feels the way you do. I want you to know that someone does. All of us Momma's do, and even though we may only post about the amazing milestones our little ones are achieving or the adorable faces and noises they are making, we too have days and nights that we feel like the 'only one' to feel how we do too. We are all the "only ones" together. 

  1. Motherhood is a great honor and privilege, yet it is also synonymous with servanthood. Every day women are called upon to selflessly meet the needs of their families.

How Great It WILL Be

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Anyone who knows me has probably heard my recollection of my first month of motherhood. I always tell people how I remember sitting in Caroline's room one night during her first month thinking to myself, "either I'm not going to make it to see her 1 month old, or she isn't going to make it to 1 month old. One of us will not survive this first month."

Month 1 with a newborn in my mind has been labeled "The Month of Doom". Your not sleeping much. When you are awake, your trying to catch up on everything you can't do while little one is awake. If you're like me and had a C-section, your moving slower than usual, and are depressed that you can only shower and not take a hot bath. If your breastfeeding, your constantly trying to figure out your body and what to do with all the milk or lack there of, either way. Basically in short: you, your body, and your baby all feel like your from foreign countries, speaking differently languages. 

Early Morning Snuggles With Sister

As of Monday we are half way through the Month of Doom around here. Hudson had a Doctor's appointment on Monday. Everything was great- weight was up from his birth weight of 7 lbs. 11 oz. to 8 lbs. 2 oz. (although I'm not sure how, since he poops as I'm changing poopy diapers. Seriously, it's insane. HAHA) 
I had my 2 week check up today as well, everything checked out great for me. I'm cleared to drive (did that last week anyways), cleared to cary Hud in his seat (did that yesterday)... so basically cleared for all the things I have been doing haha. I can't wait for my 6 week appointment!

This time goes so fast, and I know that I will look back on pictures and miss this sweet baby stage, but now I want to get down to the truth... the truth is, even though I feel like a bad mom for saying it... if I could fast forward a few years, I would. Here is why:

I know how great it WILL be. That's it. That sums it up for me.

Baby #1- everything they do is amazing. You are learning as fast as they are learning. You aren't READY for them to be any older than they are at that moment, because you don't know what's coming.

Baby #2- you have already figured out what stages rock and what stages suck. You know how great it will be when they reach certain milestones. You already know what you like and dislike about babies, toddlers, kids, etc.

I remember how much FUN Caroline got to be when she reached about a year and half. That's when she truly became my buddy.

I look at Hudson now and I do soak up the sweet yawns, and little grins. He's so cuddly, and smells so good. He's soft and sweet and innocent, but I also see the little boy that will roll cars around the window seals, and jump off couch cushions with just underware and a cape on. I just can't wait!

In the meantime- I wake up every few hours in the night, show him random toys he could care less about to stimulate him, walk laps around the house singing ridiculous songs that don't make sense, change dirty diaper after dirty diaper... all because I know how great it WILL be; how great it will be when he says Momma, when he discovers that he has hands and they actually do what he wants them to do, when he sits up, when he giggles, when he enjoys splashing in a bath... sigh... I could go on and on. :)

One Week Reflections

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

(Excuse my iPhone pic!)

As of today, Hudson is 9 days old! It's crazy that he's already over a week old- it's flown by. 
That being said, there are several things over this past week, that even though I have done this once before with Caroline, I feel like I have had to overcome. 

Having had a C section, I have had to do a lot of resting. Luckily, I married into an amazing family who has kept Caroline busy playing up in Arkansas while I spent the week recovering. 

Even with all of the resting, I'm still so far from feeling like myself it's ridiculous. I don't remember feeling quite this way with Caroline. I mean, with Caro, I went back two work 2 weeks later!! What the heck! I guess that's what happens when you are 19 and fresh of the high school volleyball court.

This time around, I feel like the pain comes and goes, but it never seems to go all the way. :(
I have had several mini break downs, just DYING to feel like myself and normal again. Right now I feel like the wrong move and I may just split in two. (EWWW gross visual, sorry!). 

I'm ready to wear my normal clothes without regard to them rubbing my incision. I'm ready to be able to get in and out of bed without pain. I'm ready to be able to carry Hudson in his seat and put him in and out of the car. SO MANY "I'M READY"s. 

I know it takes time, and I know I will be "normal" soon enough. But as of today, I'm just counting down the minutes it feels like. This dreary weather has not helped and neither has the fact that I'm instinctively a very busy person. It's hard for me to just sit around.

Today we had his second "newborn screening". He slept the whole time, which was a relief because during the first screening in the hospital, he cried so hard even Ryan had to step out of the room because we felt so bad.

Monday we have his 2 week check up, which I'm very anxious for. Breastfeeding has lots of advantages, but one thing that I continue to worry about is if he's getting "enough". I feel like he sleeps SOOOO much more than I remember from Caroline, and because of that, I'm always worried that he needs to eat, and isn't getting enough. His weigh in and visit with the Dr. should help ease my concerns. WHICH, by the way, seem to be more plentiful than with Caroline. I don't know if it's because I was living at home with my mom, who calmed my concerns with her, or what, but with Hudson I feel like I worry so much more!! I feel like a first time mom. :/

Tuesday I have MY 2 week check up, which obviously I'm also anxious for.

So in the mean time, Caroline get's home tomorrow, Ryan continues to be working like a crazy man (sometimes until ridiculous hours in the morning... life in the Toy biz around the holidays *SIGH*), and I continue to hopefully HEAL. 

Updates soon! 

Hudson is Here!

Monday, November 3, 2014

As usual after a frenzy of posts, I have been MIA (get used to I suppose).  The last couple of weeks has just been crazy busy! I was wrapping up my last couple of weeks of work, then I spent a week running around and doing things to prep for baby (nails, hair, etc. all those things you neglect to do the first 6 months of your baby's life)! 

After those two weeks of crazy, Hudson arrived! A week ago today, he made his sweet appearance (via a scheduled C section :)- no element of surprise here. 

Hudson Hamilton Fry
October 27, 2014
7lbs 11oz. 20in. 

He came out with a full head of hear and screaming, which as a mom are two of the BEST things.  We had some hospital pictures taken, can't wait to get those back and share them with you. Should have them by next week.

So far things have been pretty low key. We came home from the hospital on Thursday, and since then we have all been trying to figure each other out. Hudson is a very good baby so far. He doesn't cry much, only when he's hungry or needs a fresh diaper. During those times he goes 0-100 on the cry scale. He's either happy, or super angry! 

A couple of things we have found AWESOME so far are:

The MamaRoo

He loves to sit in this thing and rock. I asked for one from my parents for his shower gift, but then changed my mind because I couldn't justify spending $250 on another thing for him to "sit" in.
Then I found one listed on those online garage sales. Some lady had gotten one for her daughter, and her daughter did not like it. She was selling it almost brand new for $80. I decided to take a chance for 80 bucks. Brought it home, washed it all up... and I can say so far, knowing what I know now, I could have justified the $250.

You can check out the link here if your interested

Some advantages: 
The MamaRoo has LOTS of different rocking motions. It's not just back and forward like a swing, or up and down like a bouncy seat. The Mama moves in all sorts of unique ways (tree swing, car ride, rocking, kangaroo, etc.)

The Roo also takes up less of a footprint than your average swing. You don't have to have as much clearance from walls and other furniture. It sits stationary and just moves within it's base. 

If you buy one of these for a newborn, you need to buy the newborn insert as well (that's the colorful thing underneath him). It keeps them from slipping out. With the unique shape and modern fabric, I really don't see how a newborn would sit in it comfortably without it. 

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro

This thing is awesome! My parents bought it for us because once they saw the "baby Kuregg" (as we call it), they just thought it was too cool to not have, and IT IS!

As of right now we are both breast and formula feeding. It's been going great. Sometimes though in the middle of the night, when nothing seems to make him happy, being able to walk in there and simply press a button to end up with a perfectly tempatured, perfectly measured bottle in literally seconds is crazy awesome! It also works with ALL formula types and All bottle types... I mean really, how freakin neat is that!?

Check it out here

I love how modern LOOKING the Baby Brezza is, it makes it so I don't mind it sitting out all the time, unlike other appliances. It's obviously easy and convenient to use. The only draw back is the "monthly cleaning" seems like it may be a bit extensive, but we haven't experienced that yet so we shall see. 

Other than that, this is a must have for formula fed babies of all kinds. SHH... it makes me not want to breastfeed at all :/ lol it's just too cool!

Personalized Blanket

This precious blanket is one I had made once we decided on a name. I had wanted one for a really long time when I saw it on Pinterest a while back. This blanket rocks my socks off. It's SOOO soft, washes really well, and if I had a dollar for every time a nurse or visitor asked me where it was from at the hospital I would be rich! :) It was also pretty cool because when he was in the nursery, we could walk down there and spot him right away with his personalized blanket. I originally thought it would be more for decoration, but it has come to be one of his favorites. 

Here is the shop it's from

If you are looking for a GREAT shower gift, I recommend this blanket hands down.

Well that's about all that's up with our world here lately. I'm pretty sure our pets hate us after bringing Hudson home. They haven't been acting the same, maybe cause it's all we can do to remember to feed them. Caroline is definitely going through a little jealousy, but nothing time won't recover. She loves him.. she just wants to make sure we don't love him more than her :).

My posts are sporadic, but I'll be back... when I can catch another breath. Who knows how long that will be. HEHE

31 Days: Day 5- Rested Up!

Monday, October 6, 2014

I'm writing this post for day 5 so late, I'm not even really sure if it constitutes as being day 5 anymore, but my blog, I make the rules. 

Also- I have no pictures to go along with this post (sad day), which is totally unlike me. but the topic about which I'm writing, I wasn't really sure HOW to take pictures of, and even if I did, I certainly didn't have the motivation this afternoon to actually do it. SOOOO Thus, my pictureless almost too late, Day 5 post!


Being Sunday night here, I can honestly say that this is the most time Ryan and I have spent at home on a weekend (or week day for that matter) in a very long time! I contribute several factors to that:

1. We are trying not to spend money just to spend money with a new baby on the way, so staying home = less mindless spending.

2. We have already done and bought everything we can pretty much think of. Like LITERALLY- we went to Walmart yesterday and got vitamins, gummy bears, WD40, and a Barbie for Caroline and then Target today and bought hair gel and face wash.  When you run out of fun big stuff to get or shop for, this is what your shopping cart starts to look like. 

3. The Razorbacks had a Bi-Week.

4. There were some BIG football games on this weekend.

5. The house was cleaned up and smelled like Pumpkin Spice Candles.

6. After a week of traveling for Ryan, and a week of working and single mom like taxi servicing for me, we are just plum EXHAUSTED!!!

So like I said, we spent more time at home doing nothing this weekend than we have in I can't remember how long. 

This nothingness bliss led to a lot of sitting around, catching up on the DVR, napping, reading, writing, laundry folding, snacking etc. 
When you do nothing all day, the day tends to feel several hours longer than it actually is, thus landing you in bed hours earlier than typical schedules allow. 

We were planning on going to the early service at church today (9am) to hear a guest speaker, so I set alarms to get up. When they went off, I got up and started getting ready, already feeling refreshed (which is not common of someone who is usually as tired if not more tired when they wake up as they were when they went to bed). 

I did my daily morning 'thang': Teeth, Hair, Make-Up, Bed Making, Dressing under no real rush because Ryan was running way further behind than me, then we headed off to church. 

I was feeling pretty "put together" if you will due to my rested body, my non rushing in the morning, and the compliments from Ryan and my Parents about looking good just added to the ego boost for the day. Dad even called us after church to chat and again mentioned how good I looked (I can brag because I'm currently the size of a whale and feel like I look Big Bertha most every day these days so it's not true conceit ;) I promise!)

We ran a couple errands for Ryan, grabbed a sandwich, and made the earlier mentioned pit stop at Target. 

Still feeling hot and "trendy" we got the couple things we needed and I made the common as of late pit stop to the bathroom. It wasn't until I was in the bathroom that I realized I had barley ANY make up on!! I literally had done all the "priming" if you will, and had never applied anything else include eye shadow, liner, or mascara! Then I remembered that I had stopped to let the dog out, and I guess I just never finished. So I had been walking around all day, feeling totally 'together' with a half made up look! All I could do was laugh because truly, it is funny that I had looked in the mirror multiple times, now at multiple stores, and JUST realized that I didn't look like my normal self. 

I came out giggling about this funny discovery I had made in the bathroom, but the more I thought about it, the more it dawned on my as to why I didn't realize it sooner.

For the first time, in a long time, I didn't look tired. I looked rested. I looked AWAKE! 

Now coming into motherhood of a newborn is not the BEST of times to realize how important sleep and rest is to one's overall sense of self (mostly because I'm about to be robbed of all three: Sleep, Rest, and Sense of Self for a few months), but seeing the effects of what a rested ME looks like VS. the normal exhaustion that I feel was so enlightening. 

People are busy; I'm busy. You are busy. We ALL are busy. 
But something to just consider is how that relentless state of busy is effecting us even physically. 
There is a reason that God calls the seventh day "The Day of Rest". Even GOD rested after his hard work in the beginning. I for one, enjoyed this weekend's rest so much that I'm making it a priority to have more days like this as I can. It's not always practical, but bags under my eyes aren't either. 

I challenge you this fall, to find the things in your daily "busy" that are not really that important or that can wait just one more day, and take the time to do NOTHING. See how it makes you feel. See how it makes you look. 

I promise, if your creator needed a break after 7 days, then you certainly do too!

31 Days: Day 4- It's Fall Ya'll!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall is by FAR my favorite time of year. Mostly because I can not STAND to be hot and sweaty. People are constantly remarking about how much they love SUMMER, but to say that I detest the months of July and August would be an understatement. :)

The problem with this love for cool weather and loathing of the heat, is that we live Dallas, Texas. It seems like it is hot 90% of the year. 

I was so ready to break out my fall clothing and decorations in September, but I refuse to put a pumpkin on my porch while it was still 98 Degrees outside and I would be sweating while I did it. 
That said; we had a little COOL (not cold) front roll in with the storms on Thursday, and I jumped at the opportunity to drag out some fall decorations last night. 

My Table Center Piece

That's our candy bucket that we pass out candy from, but until then it's just a decoration on the fire place, with some "crazy hair" aka: Halloween Garland.

Caroline's Candy Corn (SHE IS OBSESSED) and a pumpkin something scented candle, which can turn ANY room into fall.

This is my entry way. I'm SOOOO in love with my pine cones. I bought them for $5.00 at a garage sale from a couple who had collected them from the Redwood Forest!! They are so heavy and authentic, not to mention spiky, and smell just like pinecones should. They told me they have had them for at least 20 years, and who knows how old they were before they picked them up! I just think they are such a neat touch to our fall decorations... and for five bucks! <3 p="">

Here on our doorstep sits my Giant new Jack-O-Lantern.  This was a birthday gift from my grandparents and I just love him! He's so cute! I can't wait to light him up for halloween night's trick-or-treating, for now, he's just chilling with our Razorback Gnome. Hey, just because it's fall doesn't mean it's not football season! PS- that pumpkin is like 1 million lbs!!! My Grandparents even had him strapped in the seatbelt like a person when they brought him to me! lol

...and the famous "blue door" sporting it's festive door hanger as well. 

There is nothing like fall to me. It changes my mood about EVERYTHING. I love the smells, the colors, the weather, the clothes, the sports, and the impeding holidays.

After getting everything out yesterday, we have been siting around with a pumpkin candle lit all day watching football, and enjoying every bit of this cool weather. 

Now if I can just survive the 90 degree weather in the forecast this week. :(
Dang you Texas!
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