5 Favorites Friday

Friday, January 31, 2014

5 Favorites Friday

Friday is here again... I'm not complaining, and I'm assuming most of you aren't either!

This has been a cold cold week here in DFW, and so most of what I'm thankful for this Friday consists of Staying WARM.

1. Fireplace- We have a gas fireplace at home, and we have run it pretty much every night this week. That's probably why our gas bill has been so expensive lately. (JUST REMINDED ME TO GO PAY IT!) So thankful for a warm home this week.

2. My house slippers! Actually mine look JUST like this but they are gray. Lately, I can't WAIT to get home and get my shoes off and my slippers on. (can you say 90 years old?) hehe

3. My New 2014 Ford Explorer!! I didn't know I could love a car so much! It's so pretty and drives GREAT! AND best of all... IT HAS HEATED SEATS :) Perfect for this week. 

4. Throws- I have a blanket fetish I think. I can't have ENOUGH. I have baskets in each living room FILLED with blankets. It's funny because I'm the only one ever cold in our house, but I have enough blankets to supply our whole street. I just can't pass up a pretty throw. 

5. The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth- I have finished the first one this week and I'm on to number two. I have been reading these on my Nook. It's funny because I have a thing for loving to hold books, but every once in a while I read a book I can't put down like these and then I'm GLAD I have my e-reader so I can take it everywhere with me VS carrying around a 300 pg. book. Ryan on the other hand, says when I read on the nook, I never stop because I read every where we go. O well ;) Check out this Trilogy on Amazon or Barns and Noble if you were into the Hunger Games series. It reminds me a lot of that, but honestly, I like it better!

Well that's it folks, that's my week in a nutshell. What are you thankful for this Friday?

...and that my Dear, was all she wrote...


  1. Epp! Congrats on the new car! :)

    It would mean the world to me if you could check out my blog. I'm sort of new and I would love your feedback :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute | @TheAJMinute

  2. Thanks, AJ!

    I would love to check out your blog!



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