What I learned from 2013...and my Iphone

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year- New Post

Here it is the 8th of Jan. and I am JUST now getting to post on the porch. That makes me sad. The holidays REALLY took it out of me this past year. Between going to Florida with my big crazy family the last week of November for Thanksgiving, Christmas out of town with Ryan's family the weekend before Christmas, 8 million Christmas's with my family, and then the New Years Eve party we hosted- Well I'm Spent.

I have been just soaking every second of relaxation up here lately, to offset the crazy! Yes, my Christmas stuff is still up (fail)- because honestly, I have been too tired to take it down.

So as a Christmas Recap- Ryan was very please with his Nest Learning Thermostat. He had it installed within hours of opening it. The sound bar- he claims he loves, but has yet to hook it up, so I question that. He did love his Ninja Turtles Pillow Caroline bought him though. SCORE!

I was spoiled on Christmas- Just like every other day of the year with this guy!

Some of my favorite gifts were: 

My IMac of course. Even though I wanted to kill Ryan for going way over our budget for each other, I'm not going to lie... I love this thing! He got it for me to edit my pictures on for photography, but because I put it in the Kitchen/office (more on that later), it has totally become the family computer. I am surprised at how much we use it honestly. 

Another shot of the IMac. I also love my new RED RED wallet, some Chanel makeup, FINALLY got office for Mac (I have only needed it for months now), and a $100 Chipotle gift card. I love that it's from Ryan, because even though it's all the same, it allows me to eat there and not hear the complaining from him about how I just HAAAD to get chips and a large drink. ;) *Marriage*.

 I also got a gift especially picked out by Caroline. Oh how I adore my new Princess dinning set. I just want to eat every meal on it! ;) But Ryan says I can't. :( lol

 Got this nifty bathtub table from my in-laws. LOVE IT!!! I know I'm fancy with my water bottle on the candle spot, and no wine in the wine spot huh? I have used this thing practically every night since I got it. Ryan jokes that my "happy place" is my bath tub, and with this, now I'm thinking about never leaving. lol

 Got the Fossil purse I have been wanting that matches my wallet. I love how SOFT Fossil leather is. It's fabulous. The simple style of this bag, is seriously what makes it the only purse that I have ever carried that Ryan actually LIKED. That or the fact that it's Razorback Red. One of the two!

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! IF you don't own this hair dryer, you need to go out and buy it before you even finish this post! No joke!!! I actually asked for the Babyliss hair dryer for Christmas (because I have the straightener). When my mom was looking, she got some serious recommendations to get me this one instead. I already use the Amika Shampoo, Conditionair, and Leave in, so she knew I liked their products. She told me she read raving reviews online and then decided to OPEN my present and try it for herself. HAHA (typical). After using it, she fell in love, and kept it for herself and had to go buy me anther one. 

No joke- This is the best hair dryer ever. It drys using "positive ions" that help reduce frizz. I personally NEED that. When I dry my hair with this, I don't even have to straighten it, that's how much it helps reduce the frizz. My hair is silky and soft, and UGH I just love it!! Also- it's super quiet compared to other dryers I have used. At first I looked at it thinking- how the heck is this going to dry my hair in under an hour IN FACT- it's so fast it drys my whole head of thick hair in about 5 mins or less!! AND to top it all off it's so freaking light. I'm in love if you can't tell. I didn't know I could enjoy drying my hair, but I totally do. Now, go buy it...for real!

These are my new boot socks. Mom got both my sister and I some. I have them on today and they are the coziest socks ever. She said they are from Etsy (no wonder I love them). lol

 Santa was good to Caroline too. She got a new vanity (which she LOVES), a Glow pet (actually pretty cool), girl leggos, and much more.

 As if Christmas wasn't enough, we went to a Build-A-Bear party last weekend for one of our friends, Karlee. Caroline had a blast. Finally built the princess bear she has been asking to build for a while now. She named her "Princess P". She told us she built a girl bear so that Fry (her first build-a bear/main squeeze) and the new bear could get married. Oh Lawdy! Anyways, I just love this picture of her. She is SUCH a sweet girl, and I can't imagine a day in this life without her.

 I was browsing through my pictures, and I just really got caught up in the FORMAT that the Iphone has an optional display of right now. Notice how it says "moments" at the top, and the photos are then sorted by moments. The stats (date and time), and location are displayed. I started to scroll through all the ones from 2013 on there and got sort of emotional over this. It's incredible in a year how many "moments" I have shared with my little family. Part of me is in love with all the moments with the location of "The Colony, Tx". We are growing and sharing this life together all in our little home. Making these moments into memories together. The other part of me feels extremely blessed to say many of our "moments" have titles like "Rome, Italy", "Florence, Italy", "Venice, Italy", "Milano, Italy",  "London, England", "Eureka Springs, Arkansas", "Fayetteville, Arkansas", "Siloam Springs, Arkansas", "Memphis, Tennessee", "Rosemary Beach, Florida", "Vacherie, Louisiana", etc. THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. What this list says to me is that I am ONE BLESSED GIRL, that we are able to travel and see this world, and visit friends and family we love, and experience new things, new places, new people... yet there is still a place to come HOME to.

As I reflect on 2013- it will always be a very special year to me (the year we got married), I will remember this year as one that really grew our bond as the Three Amigos. I'm going to say it's probably my favorite year yet! Going into 2014 as we talk about growing our family, and new experiences, and changes that sound scary, I just have to remember that the rear view is  beautiful, even when in the mist of things it can be overwhelming. You don't remember how stressful things were or how exhausted you felt afterwords, you just remember the "moments" you shared, the memories you created, and the relationships you grew. That's what makes all the craziness worth it. 

Bring it on 2014!!

...and that my Dear, was all she wrote...


  1. Ok I totally need that bathtub shelf, genius! Also, conviently I've been on the hunt for a good hair dryer. I need to look at the one you got!

  2. Lol I LOVE the bathtub shelf. So simple, but really cool!

    And YES- check it out. Read the reviews online. It's AWESOME (in case my enthusiasm in my post wasn't enough to get that point across! HAHA)



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