Valentines Mail!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Well, here we are departing Wednesday yet again. This week each year is kinda a blah week in the Fry house, as Ryan prepares to go to New York for Toy Show. Never fails that it falls right around Valentines Day! BOOO... good thing I have Little Miss Priss to be my Valentine. 

On Monday we came home from work, and she did the usual throw-on-whatever-shoes-I-can-find routine, and trotted out the mailbox with Ryan to get the mail. This is seriously one of the highlights of her day. When he goes and she chooses not to, we immediately check for a fever. No Joke! ;)

When she got back in, she was carrying a package the size of her top half, with a smile just beaming on her face. SHE GOT MAIL! **Insert AOL "DING"**. 

I recognized the handwriting on the Arkansas address right away. Grammy and Opa send Caroline, and all the grandkids, a holiday goody for almost EVERY holiday. It's so crazy how fun that is for them. They delight in such small acts. 

Here she is showing off her Valentines mail, complete with a Valentines night gown, coloring book, candy, PEZ, stamps, and the noteworthy "BAG". 

She has carried that bag with here EVERYWHERE. In fact, just because she loves it so much, Ryan loves to try and tease her and take it away. LOL

She has SLEPT with the bag each night.

The first thing she asks Ryan this morning when he got her up, "where is my bag?"

I have never seen a child so excited about a BAG!!!

Needless to say, Caroline has the best Grammy and Opa there is. No offense Opa, but we know Grammy does all the surprise preparing ;). It's such a small act of kindness from them, but it's insane how much it means to her.

I still remember when I was little and would visit my Nan in Tennessee. Every time I came she would have treats laid out on the bed for me: coloring books, cross word puzzles, lip glosses, hair accessories, dolls, etc. 

It's so fun to watch that same concept in Caroline's life.

Bottom line people: It's the small things that matter, and not only should we make the effort on the little things, we should learn to have a child like excitement for the small things too!

Can you imagine how much joy we would have in our lives if a seasonal bag made us happy for 3+ days? 
Be the kind of person, who appreciates the small stuff, and finds joy in the thoughtfilled efforts of others.

...and that my Dear, was all she wrote...


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