What are the Words You Would Say? (3 Reasons to Write Letters)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

As many of you know, I write a lot of letters. I have written letters to myself, letters to my daughter, to my husband, to my daughter's future dates, and even to change. In fact, The Pink Porch, is undergoing a face lift behind the scenes, and the new site will have a tab JUST FOR LETTERS that I have written. I got to thinking about it, and wondering why letters always sound so powerful. Why when I reflect on letters, does it feel so much more meaningful than when I simply attempt to remember what my emotions were like at those particular times in life? The personal touch that a purposefully addressed note leaves, is what usually makes it the must substantial of all communication. Many people keep a diary, some journal, some jot down notes, all of which are great ways to express yourself. Letter writing, however, allows you to say WHATEVER your feeling, specifically to WHOEVER or WHATEVER you want. I view diary/journal keeping as a reflection on what has been done, and letter writing as proactive notion of intent, forewarning, inspiration, reminding, or goal setting, and I think everyone should consider writing letters. Here's Why:

1. You will never feel the same way about a particular thing as you do right now. When you discover you are passionate about something, there is a process in which you go through. The beginning, where something ignites the flame, and the passion for a subject begins to burn. There is the forest fire, where you completely understand the passion, have all your facts straight, and will defend your passion to the death. Then there is the firefighting. The passion still burns in the rubble, but the nature of the flame has diminished. Writing letters to your future self allows you to witness this change inside of you from the outside in. It's so incredible to see the shift in your views and opinions over time, and one of the only ways to keep record of it most accurately is to write to your future self as if your defending your passions against yourself.

2. Sometimes we have feelings about something, but don't yet have the appropriate person in our lives to express these feelings to. One day, however, that person will come along, and rekindling those feelings will become difficult once that person has filled the void. Write letters to your future children, your future spouse, your future grandchildren, your future career, your future goal, etc.
I promise you will thank yourself someday when that person/thing comes into your life. It's so amazing to compare what you thought that person would be like, and how you would feel about them to the reality of what they are like. What things are similar to what you have always known they would be like? What things could you never have imagined you would feel? You can see a letter I wrote to my future husband: HERE. It's quite satisfying to go through and know that Ryan met all of this criteria and so much more!!

3. You never know who will read these letters some day. Things that you aren't able to express in person, things you aren't capable of conveying, may be discovered when your gone, and touch lives around you. Your children may not be capable of understanding the way you feel about them right now, and by the time they DO understand, recalling the exact perspective you once had can be difficult or nearly impossible. Do it now. Write to them NOW. Preserve the words you would say today.

You can see some letters that I have written and shared on The Pink Porch below:







I encourage each of you to take some time and write to your future self or your past self. Write to your children. Write to your spouse. Even if you do nothing but draft them as an email and tuck them away. Tell those around you how you feel when you feel it. Moments are fleeting. You will not have the same moment you are in with the same feelings you feel again. Preserve this moment.

I know I have shared this video several times, but it's still one of my favorite songs. Before Caroline was born, this was my song to her, and now these lyrics hang on a canvas I painted in her room. Take 3 minutes out of your day to "hear these simple truths".Who would you share these words with? What are the words you would say??

...and that my Dear, was all she wrote...


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