Monday Monotony

Monday, March 17, 2014

It's Monday, for those of you who are just now feeling like your awake, like me. I'd like to say it's because my allergies are killing LITERALLY KILLING ME, but lets be real, every Monday kinda feels like someone has hit me with a 18 wheeler, backed up and reversed over me. In honor of how exhausting this Monday has been, I've put together a little collage of 'Monday' pictures that most all of us can relate to. If it wasn't Monday, you would probably laugh out loud to these, but since it is, you'll just chuckle inside and glance at the clock in the bottom corner of your computer to see if it's 5:30 yet. I get it... I'm in the same boat. In fact, I'm sailing the ship. 

Now that you've nodded your head and thought "YUP" to everyone of those pictures... here is the bad news...

Have a Happy Week!! ;)

...and that my Dear, was all she wrote...


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