April Whirlwind

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wow! What a CRAZY month it has been. April is definitely jam packed for us: Anniversary, Caroline's Birthday, Easter, Busy Season in the pool business, lots of spring photography sessions, Ryan traveling a lot for work.  

We had some good friends in town right at the end of March during their Spring Break, which was blast, and from there we never slowed down...

***Disclaimer- All pictures were done with my nifty Iphone, so please excuse some of the quality. We took our nice camera on vacation and took ZERO pictures with it. So glad I carried that around the.***

April came and...

We took Jo Jo to Disney on Ice with one of her Best Buds

We went on a cruise to Cozumel, Honduras, and Belize and had a blast!

Saw TONS of Igunas at the Myan Ruins of Tulum

We celebrated our Anniversary! 

...ate steak until we were in pain

...then ate desert until we couldn't breath!

It was gorgeous! 

I got to hold a baby lion!

Ryan held a Monkey or two!


We had lots of fun but I was SO ready to get home to Caroline. I missed her like CRAZY! 

We got back and celebrated sweet girl's 4th Birthday the following day!

The Following weekend was Easter

Did some egg coloring

...and some egg hunting...

The Bunny man left a good loot for Caroline.

...and this is what a "wrap" to Easter weekend looks like for her...

Oh Yeah! And one other little thing that's been happening in our life lately...

YUP! Baby Fry is Due October 31, 2014!

We are very excited! Caroline is very ready to know if it's a brother or sister. She keeps changing her mind about what she wants, but at the end of the day I know she is going to rock no mater what!

How Far Along: 12 Weeks 4 Days. Every Friday marks a new week!

Baby Size: Large Plum (sorta hard to believe since it seems like just a few weeks ago it was the size of a sweet pea!)

Gender: Unknown (ALTHOUGH we had a sonogram last week and two different sonographers guess. They both guessed the same! ;) We will find out for sure at 20 weeks!)

Cravings: Anything Edible. Ryan is convinced our dollars spent on food has been blown out of the water

Weight gain: A little, maybe 8 lbs ish? :/ EEEK!

Sleeping: Still good. Enjoying being comfortable while I can

Maternity Clothes: NOPE, but my jeans are getting snug! Hoping I can pull off maxi dresses and skirts this spring before I need maternity clothes.

Bellybutton in or out: In

Stretch marks: Just those left from Caroline

Movement: Not yet!

Needless to say it's been B.U.S.Y around here lately, and I'm SO ready for some down time. I feel relived not to be thinking about an upcoming holiday, vacation, celebration, etc. So if you were planning on inviting me to something...don't! ;) Just teasing!!! Is this month over yet??

...and that my Dear, was all she wrote...


  1. Hi Courtney ! Nice to meet you :)
    First of all, your family is SOOOO cute!
    And BIG CONGRATS on the baby-news! That's amazing!
    I'm going to become a first time mamma really soon, any tips? haha!
    Love your photos!

    1. Hi there!
      Thank you so much! I'm following your pregnancy journey, and just love your cute weekly updates!! Congratulations.

      Best advice for a first time Momma: Forget everything you have been told ;) Every child is so uniquely different, everyone's experience with feeding, sleeping, diapers, clothes, etc is SO different, and ultimately... that little bitty baby decides it ALL! Don't get stressed and caught up in the "they say" mentality. Just enjoy every minute, because it's incredibly beautiful how it all works its self out!



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