A Hudson Update: Room Tour

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Well, it's official... I'm totally falling into that "second time mom" role. Ryan always says that I haven't hardly blogged about Hudson at all through my pregnancy, and he's right! Everyone says that with the first you will document every moment, wipe hands after every bite, take millions of pictures; and with the second your lucky to record enough to make a baby book for them. I can already tell this is going to be SOO true.

Being pregnant the second time around is different in so many ways. I'm so busy with other things in life, including managing the life of a four year old, that I barely have time to THINK about being pregnant, let alone blog about it. HEHE.

Hudson, if you read this some day... I don't love you less, but your going to be my "go with the flow" boy, because life just doesn't slow down for anyone.

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures so far!

Now, here we are at almost 34 weeks. I'm certainly ready to meet Hudson (who other's already endearingly call 'Hammy' for his middle name...Hamilton), I'm ready to wear my normal clothes, I'm ready to be able to do things without 1. getting winded or 2. forgetting what I was there to do in the first place. 

So many people have asked me for pictures of his room. I posted a picture not too long ago of his name wall as a "preview" of what was to come. I finally took the time to take some pictures of his room. It's pretty much done with the exception of MAYBE a footstool and also putting pictures in some of the empty frames you'll see. This time around, I have really become a minimalist when it comes to baby stuff. Things I thought I needed with Caroline, this time I'm WAY more practical about. Less stuff means less to clean up and less to KEEP clean, plus lets get real... kids always like the things that cost nothing... like card board boxes... more than they do the stuff we spend hundreds on!! 

For his room I was going for a modern color scheme with touches of vintage (i.e. the 'tin toys') and touches of "adventure/ travel" with maps, compass, binoculars, globes, etc. 
I love it! So many nights I turn off all the lights, turn on his two lamps, and just sit in his chair. It's so relaxing in his room (that's not going to last long haha). 


 That wall took forever by the way!

 This map is one of my very FAVORITE things in his room. It's actually the first thing we bought for it, and the basis for which everything else was done. So fun!

"Happiness is a journey, not a destination" 

 Yes I have an obsession with his name... names in general...it's a southern thing I think! lol

My Favorite blanket! It's SOO soft. I ordered this off of Etsy after having had it pinned on my Pinterest board for.ev.er. I couldn't wait to get one for pictures! 

This stool is for Big Sister, so she can help out and check on him. Just adding "her stool" made her feel like she is about to have a very important job. 

His changing cart. I have gotten SOOO many comments and compliments on this cart from Ikea. Everyone wanted to know what it was going to be used for, and loved that it's on wheels! So my thought is, with it being "rolling", this will likely be in other rooms most of the time. It holds diapers, changing stuff, and other random "needs" that will be nice to have handy in those first couple of post C-section weeks... when life on the couch is the norm.

My Poang chair, also from Ikea. We both like the way this looks, but honestly, Ryan HATES the way it feels to sit in it.... I on the other hand LOVE LOVE LOVE this chair! It's the most comfortable chair in the house! We finally figured out why. The way that it's shaped, and how close it is to the ground, makes someone taller like him (6ft), feel like his knees are too high and he's sinking down into the chair. For someone vertically challenged like myself (5'3"), it's PERFECT! It's like the only chair I have ever sat in that my feet touch the ground at a 90 degree angle like they should. We figured since I was the one going to be using it most of the time, getting something I really loved was the most important... so THUS... my favorite seat in the house.

Another one of my favorite room accents was this rug from Pottery Barn Teen. I looked high and low for something I liked (I'm not much of a rug person to begin with), and FINALLY came across this. I loved the shaggy texture, obviously the bright color, and really just how "FUN" it was. 

Yes those are puppy dog tails on the wall. They were just too cute, and of course he has to have something Arkansas splashed in there, so Grammy and Opa got him this adorable little Razorback backpack! 

Last but not least is Caroline's board. This is her corner of his room to stick up things she makes him, or whatever she thinks he might want. Being a big sister is a fun job! She is so excited, and ALWAYS trying to give him stuff or make him projects. I wanted to give her a place to feel like she could display that for him. So this is our Hudson shrine/art corner. 

So there you go! Hudson's Room Tour. After lots of hours of projects, furniture assembly by a daddy that MUST love him lots already, and many many trips to the store for "one last thing"... we are finally coming to a wrap on the baby prep. Now, we just await his arrival on October 27th, so he can join us just in time for Halloween! 

...and that my Dear, was all she wrote...

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  1. Adorable nursery! What a lucky babe to come home to such a cozy space!



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