31 Days: Day 2 & 3- Project Sofa

Friday, October 3, 2014

First off, I didn't mention on October 1st when I wrote that I am linked up this month with the

Where I'm Challenged to write for 31 days about Personal Endeavors (that's the topic I chose).
Clearly day one went well, and day two...Not So Much.
So here I am writing Days 2 and 3 in one post, but who really knows what day it is anyways. ;)

Right now I'm in the middle of reading The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith. You can check out her blog HERE

I highly recommend this book for anyone who owns a home, rents a home, or who lives anywhere at all! At first I thought it was a home decorating book, and typically I can't force myself to get 100% through any book that is not Fiction. I have never been good at reading "self help" or "informational" books. After downloading the free preview on my Nook, I was hooked! 

Myquillyn is hilariously funny, and so incredibly wise. I love her perspective on things, her humor, her positive attitude, and of course her style. The more of the book that I read, the more I realized that rather than a "home decorating" book, this was more of a "home appreciation" book. She walks you through her experiences moving 13 times in her marriage, renting the majority of the time, and still finding and creating beauty wherever they lived. Her tag line is 
"It doesn't have to be perfect to be Beautiful".

At one point in the book she talks about a sofa that she had and HATED for 9 years before doing something about it. I immediately felt inspired to transform my drab, hideous, plaid couch that Ryan and I have talked about replacing multiple times. So on a whim- I decide I'm going to recover it myself. Yes me, with my non existent sewing skills, my lack of upholstery experience, and my 36 week pregnant belly (I wish I had written that sentence BEFORE tackling this project so I could have realized how stupid it sounded). 

I rushed home to get started. 

I bought a staple gun, and other various things I needed to complete said project, disassembled my front sitting room, and tried to get started. Upon needing to input my first staple, I discovered that the gun I got isn't EXTREMELY clear on which way to hold it. So after shooting 5 staples sailing in random directions, I figured it out. The hard way.

Yes, not 5 minutes in and I had shot a staple into my finger. OUCH! I slapped a band aid on it and proceeded. 

A little while later it looked like this. 

I was starting to question what I was even THINKING. Sure the couch looked fine, just had the arm rest to go, then I had a whole other section PLUS all the back and bottom cushions to do. Clearly I had lost my mind. 

I started to tackle the other section, when in the middle of it I looked at Caroline (who by the way had dragged every toy out of the playroom into this room, popped up a pirate ship tent, and was playing dress up... clearly a lot of help), and said, "I miss our old couch already. This one is not going to be good for jumping." At that remark, she was ALL about helping me un staple and remove the "cover" I had started on both pieces. 

Guess what?! 30 minutes later...

...it looked like this.

Yes, we put it all back together just as it was, and I have never been so happy to see that ugly monstrosity standing stained, tall, torn, and proud. 

See here is the thing: It really doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. You know what makes this couch so "beautiful" to me? It's already well loved. It's slept on regularly by my four year old. The cushions are all on the floor the majority of the time being used as a space ship, a fort, or a bridge to our bedroom. This couch is actually COMFORTABLE because your not afraid of messing up the fabric. Our dog retrieves tennis balls, to us on the couch and we don't have to shoo him down. I don't cry over spilled milk on this couch.

With another one on the way, it's a beautiful thing not to have to worry about one more thing they can mess up. 

I told Ryan I gave up on my project and he laughed (of course). He made the comment that sticks in my head "right now, that couch is doing it's job", and you know what, he's right. It's serving US not the other way around. 

I'm sure someday we will get a new couch, and I'll have a pretty little "sitting room" with it's formal glamour. I'm also sure by that point, I'll be willing to do ANYTHING to have this one back along with the years that went along with it: the little feet that jumped on it, the little hands that flopped off the sides of it after a "movie night", the night feedings that I'm sure will take place on it, the naps, the laughs, the serious life lessons learned.
 Besides- trends always come back around, maybe plaid will come back in style by then?

Now that's perfect AND beautiful.


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