31 Days: Day 5- Rested Up!

Monday, October 6, 2014

I'm writing this post for day 5 so late, I'm not even really sure if it constitutes as being day 5 anymore, but my blog, I make the rules. 

Also- I have no pictures to go along with this post (sad day), which is totally unlike me. but the topic about which I'm writing, I wasn't really sure HOW to take pictures of, and even if I did, I certainly didn't have the motivation this afternoon to actually do it. SOOOO Thus, my pictureless almost too late, Day 5 post!


Being Sunday night here, I can honestly say that this is the most time Ryan and I have spent at home on a weekend (or week day for that matter) in a very long time! I contribute several factors to that:

1. We are trying not to spend money just to spend money with a new baby on the way, so staying home = less mindless spending.

2. We have already done and bought everything we can pretty much think of. Like LITERALLY- we went to Walmart yesterday and got vitamins, gummy bears, WD40, and a Barbie for Caroline and then Target today and bought hair gel and face wash.  When you run out of fun big stuff to get or shop for, this is what your shopping cart starts to look like. 

3. The Razorbacks had a Bi-Week.

4. There were some BIG football games on this weekend.

5. The house was cleaned up and smelled like Pumpkin Spice Candles.

6. After a week of traveling for Ryan, and a week of working and single mom like taxi servicing for me, we are just plum EXHAUSTED!!!

So like I said, we spent more time at home doing nothing this weekend than we have in I can't remember how long. 

This nothingness bliss led to a lot of sitting around, catching up on the DVR, napping, reading, writing, laundry folding, snacking etc. 
When you do nothing all day, the day tends to feel several hours longer than it actually is, thus landing you in bed hours earlier than typical schedules allow. 

We were planning on going to the early service at church today (9am) to hear a guest speaker, so I set alarms to get up. When they went off, I got up and started getting ready, already feeling refreshed (which is not common of someone who is usually as tired if not more tired when they wake up as they were when they went to bed). 

I did my daily morning 'thang': Teeth, Hair, Make-Up, Bed Making, Dressing under no real rush because Ryan was running way further behind than me, then we headed off to church. 

I was feeling pretty "put together" if you will due to my rested body, my non rushing in the morning, and the compliments from Ryan and my Parents about looking good just added to the ego boost for the day. Dad even called us after church to chat and again mentioned how good I looked (I can brag because I'm currently the size of a whale and feel like I look Big Bertha most every day these days so it's not true conceit ;) I promise!)

We ran a couple errands for Ryan, grabbed a sandwich, and made the earlier mentioned pit stop at Target. 

Still feeling hot and "trendy" we got the couple things we needed and I made the common as of late pit stop to the bathroom. It wasn't until I was in the bathroom that I realized I had barley ANY make up on!! I literally had done all the "priming" if you will, and had never applied anything else include eye shadow, liner, or mascara! Then I remembered that I had stopped to let the dog out, and I guess I just never finished. So I had been walking around all day, feeling totally 'together' with a half made up look! All I could do was laugh because truly, it is funny that I had looked in the mirror multiple times, now at multiple stores, and JUST realized that I didn't look like my normal self. 

I came out giggling about this funny discovery I had made in the bathroom, but the more I thought about it, the more it dawned on my as to why I didn't realize it sooner.

For the first time, in a long time, I didn't look tired. I looked rested. I looked AWAKE! 

Now coming into motherhood of a newborn is not the BEST of times to realize how important sleep and rest is to one's overall sense of self (mostly because I'm about to be robbed of all three: Sleep, Rest, and Sense of Self for a few months), but seeing the effects of what a rested ME looks like VS. the normal exhaustion that I feel was so enlightening. 

People are busy; I'm busy. You are busy. We ALL are busy. 
But something to just consider is how that relentless state of busy is effecting us even physically. 
There is a reason that God calls the seventh day "The Day of Rest". Even GOD rested after his hard work in the beginning. I for one, enjoyed this weekend's rest so much that I'm making it a priority to have more days like this as I can. It's not always practical, but bags under my eyes aren't either. 

I challenge you this fall, to find the things in your daily "busy" that are not really that important or that can wait just one more day, and take the time to do NOTHING. See how it makes you feel. See how it makes you look. 

I promise, if your creator needed a break after 7 days, then you certainly do too!


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