How Great It WILL Be

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Anyone who knows me has probably heard my recollection of my first month of motherhood. I always tell people how I remember sitting in Caroline's room one night during her first month thinking to myself, "either I'm not going to make it to see her 1 month old, or she isn't going to make it to 1 month old. One of us will not survive this first month."

Month 1 with a newborn in my mind has been labeled "The Month of Doom". Your not sleeping much. When you are awake, your trying to catch up on everything you can't do while little one is awake. If you're like me and had a C-section, your moving slower than usual, and are depressed that you can only shower and not take a hot bath. If your breastfeeding, your constantly trying to figure out your body and what to do with all the milk or lack there of, either way. Basically in short: you, your body, and your baby all feel like your from foreign countries, speaking differently languages. 

Early Morning Snuggles With Sister

As of Monday we are half way through the Month of Doom around here. Hudson had a Doctor's appointment on Monday. Everything was great- weight was up from his birth weight of 7 lbs. 11 oz. to 8 lbs. 2 oz. (although I'm not sure how, since he poops as I'm changing poopy diapers. Seriously, it's insane. HAHA) 
I had my 2 week check up today as well, everything checked out great for me. I'm cleared to drive (did that last week anyways), cleared to cary Hud in his seat (did that yesterday)... so basically cleared for all the things I have been doing haha. I can't wait for my 6 week appointment!

This time goes so fast, and I know that I will look back on pictures and miss this sweet baby stage, but now I want to get down to the truth... the truth is, even though I feel like a bad mom for saying it... if I could fast forward a few years, I would. Here is why:

I know how great it WILL be. That's it. That sums it up for me.

Baby #1- everything they do is amazing. You are learning as fast as they are learning. You aren't READY for them to be any older than they are at that moment, because you don't know what's coming.

Baby #2- you have already figured out what stages rock and what stages suck. You know how great it will be when they reach certain milestones. You already know what you like and dislike about babies, toddlers, kids, etc.

I remember how much FUN Caroline got to be when she reached about a year and half. That's when she truly became my buddy.

I look at Hudson now and I do soak up the sweet yawns, and little grins. He's so cuddly, and smells so good. He's soft and sweet and innocent, but I also see the little boy that will roll cars around the window seals, and jump off couch cushions with just underware and a cape on. I just can't wait!

In the meantime- I wake up every few hours in the night, show him random toys he could care less about to stimulate him, walk laps around the house singing ridiculous songs that don't make sense, change dirty diaper after dirty diaper... all because I know how great it WILL be; how great it will be when he says Momma, when he discovers that he has hands and they actually do what he wants them to do, when he sits up, when he giggles, when he enjoys splashing in a bath... sigh... I could go on and on. :)


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