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Monday, November 3, 2014

As usual after a frenzy of posts, I have been MIA (get used to I suppose).  The last couple of weeks has just been crazy busy! I was wrapping up my last couple of weeks of work, then I spent a week running around and doing things to prep for baby (nails, hair, etc. all those things you neglect to do the first 6 months of your baby's life)! 

After those two weeks of crazy, Hudson arrived! A week ago today, he made his sweet appearance (via a scheduled C section :)- no element of surprise here. 

Hudson Hamilton Fry
October 27, 2014
7lbs 11oz. 20in. 

He came out with a full head of hear and screaming, which as a mom are two of the BEST things.  We had some hospital pictures taken, can't wait to get those back and share them with you. Should have them by next week.

So far things have been pretty low key. We came home from the hospital on Thursday, and since then we have all been trying to figure each other out. Hudson is a very good baby so far. He doesn't cry much, only when he's hungry or needs a fresh diaper. During those times he goes 0-100 on the cry scale. He's either happy, or super angry! 

A couple of things we have found AWESOME so far are:

The MamaRoo

He loves to sit in this thing and rock. I asked for one from my parents for his shower gift, but then changed my mind because I couldn't justify spending $250 on another thing for him to "sit" in.
Then I found one listed on those online garage sales. Some lady had gotten one for her daughter, and her daughter did not like it. She was selling it almost brand new for $80. I decided to take a chance for 80 bucks. Brought it home, washed it all up... and I can say so far, knowing what I know now, I could have justified the $250.

You can check out the link here if your interested

Some advantages: 
The MamaRoo has LOTS of different rocking motions. It's not just back and forward like a swing, or up and down like a bouncy seat. The Mama moves in all sorts of unique ways (tree swing, car ride, rocking, kangaroo, etc.)

The Roo also takes up less of a footprint than your average swing. You don't have to have as much clearance from walls and other furniture. It sits stationary and just moves within it's base. 

If you buy one of these for a newborn, you need to buy the newborn insert as well (that's the colorful thing underneath him). It keeps them from slipping out. With the unique shape and modern fabric, I really don't see how a newborn would sit in it comfortably without it. 

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro

This thing is awesome! My parents bought it for us because once they saw the "baby Kuregg" (as we call it), they just thought it was too cool to not have, and IT IS!

As of right now we are both breast and formula feeding. It's been going great. Sometimes though in the middle of the night, when nothing seems to make him happy, being able to walk in there and simply press a button to end up with a perfectly tempatured, perfectly measured bottle in literally seconds is crazy awesome! It also works with ALL formula types and All bottle types... I mean really, how freakin neat is that!?

Check it out here

I love how modern LOOKING the Baby Brezza is, it makes it so I don't mind it sitting out all the time, unlike other appliances. It's obviously easy and convenient to use. The only draw back is the "monthly cleaning" seems like it may be a bit extensive, but we haven't experienced that yet so we shall see. 

Other than that, this is a must have for formula fed babies of all kinds. SHH... it makes me not want to breastfeed at all :/ lol it's just too cool!

Personalized Blanket

This precious blanket is one I had made once we decided on a name. I had wanted one for a really long time when I saw it on Pinterest a while back. This blanket rocks my socks off. It's SOOO soft, washes really well, and if I had a dollar for every time a nurse or visitor asked me where it was from at the hospital I would be rich! :) It was also pretty cool because when he was in the nursery, we could walk down there and spot him right away with his personalized blanket. I originally thought it would be more for decoration, but it has come to be one of his favorites. 

Here is the shop it's from

If you are looking for a GREAT shower gift, I recommend this blanket hands down.

Well that's about all that's up with our world here lately. I'm pretty sure our pets hate us after bringing Hudson home. They haven't been acting the same, maybe cause it's all we can do to remember to feed them. Caroline is definitely going through a little jealousy, but nothing time won't recover. She loves him.. she just wants to make sure we don't love him more than her :).

My posts are sporadic, but I'll be back... when I can catch another breath. Who knows how long that will be. HEHE


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