6 Week Update!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

(Ugh, aren't they precious ?!)

Just thought I would write a quick little update on this here handsome dude.

Hudson turned 6 weeks old this week. I can't believe it! We survived the month of doom and then some. I will say, however, his "month of Doom" seems to be a bit longer than his big sister's, but we are slowly adjusting. 
I haven't had much time to take pictures, as these two crazy kiddos keep me on my toes!
 Ugh, aren't they precious though?!


So 6 weeks
Size- 0-3 officially. Makes me sad. In fact, I haven't even brought myself to pack up the newborn clothes. It's too much acknowledgement that he's actually growing up! (TEAR)
But seriously, if you'r buying him and Xmas outfit, or any clothes right now, 0-3. PS- He needs jammies

Eating: 4-6 oz at a time of Similac Sensitive. For a while we were feeding him 3 oz. then ALL of a sudden it was like he HAD to have 4, then he started getting really fussy out of no where for a couple of days. We soon figured out that we would give him 4 oz. he would be fine for 45 mins then he wanted 1-2 more. Needless to say, he was hungry. He's a growing boy! So depending on what time of day he's eating up to 6 oz.

Sleeping: HA! What's that?? This guy is NOT what I would call a good sleeper. I'm not saying he's the worst I have ever heard of, but certainly not as good as some. Going to bed between 9-10pm, he generally wakes up and eats between 1:30-and 3, then goes right back to sleep. The problem is, he wakes up about 2 hours later and wants to do it all over again. I have two choices:

1. Feed him again (then he's gassy, and miserable, or spits up)
2. Go in there 100 times to give him his paci (which isn't what he really wants anyways)
So either way, it's not fun!
He gives me one good stretch and then after that it's anyone's guess.

I'm trying not to develop bad habits so he sleeps in his bed mostly, but after fighting him more than a couple of times at 5:15 am, I usually give in, go get his car seat, and strap him in. He sleeps next to me in his carseat...like...well a baby! Today he slept from 6-8:30 without a peep in that seat. Lets just hope he's not 5 and still trying to sleep in his baby carrier, but for now, whatever works, and whatever gives me some rest!

Hud my Bud in his carseat, snoozing away!

Smiles: sporadically. He's not quite to the point where he actually smiles when something is entertaining, although occasionally I talk to him and he smiles, so I like to believe it's because he likes me a little bit. I truly can't wait for the smiles and laughs. That's when the fun starts!
He does make little baby coos and caughs now. Which is cute!

He Likes: Being Held. Period. He LOVES to be held. Which makes chasing a 4 year old around much harder! I use this baby carrier to assist! I have the Moby Wrap that my sister-in0law gave me, but it's like 100 ft, long and you have to do all of these weird wraps and stuff. The JJ Cole carrier is already shaped like you need to wear it, so you just slip it on, put baby in, and wrap the sash around his bottom. It's a life saver.

He also likes to sit in his Bumbo chair (working on our neck muscles).

He likes daddy's weird random songs

He loves his sound machine and mobile that projects on the ceiling. They sell it at target and it's WAY cool because you can actually tilt the projector so it shines where ever he is in the room (like sometimes when I change his diaper or clothes, I shine it over the changing table. He loves it!). It's also cool because I don't have to have a mobil hanging over the bed. This works just great!
Check it out here

He also has started to ACCEPT his bath!

Overall he's growing and changing just like he should. 

One thing I'll note that pretty much sums up this stage is that we are finally to the point where everything isn't a battle. At first when they are newborns, it feels like dressing them makes them mad, diaper changes make them mad, baths make them really mad, etc. Now we can actually get dressed, change poopy diapers, and bath without too much complaining. It does make mothering much more tolerable!

On another note: we recently took our Christmas Pictures during a fun mini session with our favorite photographer - other than myself of course ;). They were fun, and turned out great. We love capturing the whole fan as much as we can with these ever changing munchkins. 

 The whole gang
 My Girl
 Gah- she's gorgeous! 


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