Writers Block? More Like Writers Black Out!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Have you ever tried writing a book? Chances are that the answer for most of you is, "no", which in all truth is good! For those of you who have, it's likely you will understand where I'm coming from when I advise others to cross that off your bucket list before even attempting it.

This journey of book writing is literally the at the top of my "Most Frustrating Thing Ever" list, right there with:

1. Middle of the night baby feedings
2. Talking to automated machines for customer service
3. Attempting to make changes to your identity by visiting the DMV

Yes, somewhere nestled in there is "Book Writing". 

Having been the best in my Creative Writing class, English Student of the Year, and a Professional Writing major during my little college stint, one would think that writing would come naturally, and that words would fall freely and endlessly from my keyboard like snowflakes on a Manhattan Christmas. This, however, is so far from the case. Let me share with you some of my struggles of writing a book.

1. I feel like I could "Brainstorm" forever- As a perfectionist, I seem to have some sort of phobia against actually STARTING my manuscript. You see, I have this notebook that I carry around, constantly jotting down ideas in fun colored markers and pens. I have pages of Character Analysis', Plot Maps, etc. 
Every time I sit down with a blank document to actually start to write, I instead feel like I'm not prepared enough, like a I don't know enough about my Characters, or I need to figure out further details about my setting. It's as though I'm afraid if I don't have all of this figured out, then once it's written it can't be undone. Therefore, I just continue to outline this book endlessly until 1. it writes itself out of the pain of being analyzed to death or 2. I run out of pages in my notebook, loose the notebook, and forget everything. This is a problem. No writing= No manuscript. 

2. I continue to come up with ideas that I know only surface information about.
(Enter Stage Right: Google). Yes, I spend 90% of the time I'm not brainstorming on Google, trying to verify the facts of certain ideas that come up in my book (if there were such a thing). One Google article leads to another, which is followed by a Facebook ding, which then warrants a phone call, and before you know it I have only vaguely figured out the facts I needed to know, and have still not started typing.

3. I'm addicted to reading other author's biographies and Q&A's on their blogs and fan sites. So much so that I begin to question everything I'm writing and doing because I figure, "they are published authors, maybe I should do what they are doing." This is until I visit the next author's page, who totally contradicts the other three that I have read about today, and I continue to realize there is no right way to do this thing: Book Writing.

Needless to say, writing this book may be the very last thing I do on this Earth. Mostly because it may take until my late 90's to actually complete it at this rate.
There was really no purpose to this blog (besides to distract me from actually working on the book). That being said, I'll leave you with something positive to make your time worth it:

If you love something, pursue it. There will be times when you hate it, times when you question it, times when you really don't know why you ever loved it at all. Pursuing it though, will either strengthen your love for it or highlight your disinterest. It's good to get that straighten out within yourself so you never wonder "what if..."


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