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Monday, January 12, 2015

We are eleven days into Twenty-Fifteen, and while most people are focused on trying to maintain their resolutions, I have been really been mediating on one word... Quality. I wasn't planning on finding a word to focus on throughout this year, but it just kinda happened, and now I'm working on applying "Quality" in all areas of my life.

On New Years Eve I was trying to write out 5 resolutions. Two of my resolutions were:

1. Spend more QUALITY time with God
2. Spend more QUALITY time with family

It wasn't intentional, but I started to realize that what I was lacking was not time with God or time with my family, but what kind of time. I could squeeze in my quiet time almost every day. I can bring Caroline along with me as I run errands and call it "mommy and Caroline time", but the truth is doing those things doesn't build the kind of relationships I'm trying to build in my life. What separates relationships from acquaintances is the type of time you spend with one another and the depth you build. 

Realizing that "quality" was going to be a prevalent focus in my year, our season of life started to change yet again. 

After deciding I wasn't going to go back to work after having Hudson, an opportunity was dropped into my lap (no doubt by God himself). It wasn't something I was looking for or expecting, but after much (and I mean MUCH) deliberation and prayer, Ryan and I decided that I'm going to take it! My first day is tomorrow. This change is going to completely ROCK my world (for good or bad is to be determined). There are some things that I am anxious about, one of them being that change in amount of time I will be spending with  my kiddos and husband. When you spend 10 hours a day away from the house, and then have to come home and be a mom, dinner maker, house cleaner, laundry doer, wife... your use of time changes.

That said, I keep reminding myself this: the amount of time I spend with my family is not what's the most important, it's the quality of time that I spend with them. It's about taking time each evening to do something with Caroline that she wants to do, unplugged from my phone, not multi tasking, etc. 
It's about laying down with Ryan and relaxing each evening completely invested in our time, and not just doing housework until I can't stay awake any longer. It's spending a few minutes talking to Hudson and singing those silly songs and doing bath time which he loves, not rushing through it.

Quality may not what you need to focus on this year. Maybe it's passion, or love, or patience. Regardless of what you need to hone in on this year, I encourage you to pick a word and try to incorporate it into your life during 2015. Resolutions can be great, but most of us don't stick to those past March. Working on ONE word in all areas of your life, could change your whole outlook. What do you need to work on most this year? It's not too late. 


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