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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

This is (has to be) a quick post, as I have a very whiny little boy on my hands today after having had his 2 month check up vaccinations today. There are no photos to go along with this, but I feel like it's really important for me to share with ya'll an experience I had today.

As I  mentioned, Hudson got his 2 month check up this morning and had four shots in his legs. *Insert Sad Face* 
He was of course really upset during the shots, but I was able to calm him quickly, no biggie. His doctor told me he could take some Tylenol if he seems like he's in pain later, but she wouldn't give him any unless he's fussy or hurting. (In other words, don't just give it to him to do it. See if he even needs it first). Caroline was never bothered by vaccinations, so I figured okay, whatever, I'm sure he will be fine. In fact I didn't even have any Baby Tylenol on hand.

We went about our morning, and picked Caroline up from school this afternoon. Had to go to Target for a long list of things that I have been constructing for a week. On that list I added Tylenol because Hudson seemed to be just a little uncomfortable after waking up from a nap. I figured once we got inside and the cart was moving, he would be fine.

At first I couldn't even stop and look at anything because every time the buggy stopped, he started crying. Caroline and I were able to pick up two bathing suites that she wanted to try on, and we just made our way to the baby section, in hopes of getting the Tylenol and going a head and opening it up to give him a dose to get him through the shopping trip. 

The crying turned into whaling by the time we were on the medicine aisle. I just knew people were disturbed by him. I opened the meds, and of course the dosage for his age was "consult physician". So in the mist of the most terrible cry I have ever heard him cry, I'm trying to 1) call the dr. to find out 2) Google the right answer. Neither of which I could actually accomplish before realizing I had to take him out of the store, because I was being "that person" that allows their child to scream his head off in public. 

As I made my way to the front of the store, I kid you not, people were stopping and staring (that's how bad he was crying). Moms of other babies gave me glances of sympathy, empathy, and some annoyance. I truly was doing what felt like a "walk of shame". I got to the front of the store and just let Caro tend the cart, while I stood in the lobby trying to calm him down. NOTHING WOULD WORK. Realizing I had opened the medicine so the option of just leaving was non existent, I was trying to figure out how to at least pay for that. Right when I was seriously about to send Caroline up to the register with my credit card to pay (that's how low this is), an angel appeared in the form of another mother. 

She walked up to me with the sweetest, most understanding look on her face and asked me if there was any way should could help me. She offered to pay for my stuff for me. She offered to hold him. Whatever I needed. Not even considering that should could walk right out the door with my child, I gladly handed him to her, and ran to the register to pay for our stuff.

The whole time I was paying, all I could think was, "oh my gosh. I don't even know that lady. She could be stealing my baby RIGHT now. I just LOVE her!"

When I got back over, she hadn't been successful in calming him either, but she assured me that she had been in my shoes. She had older kiddos (one of which turns out is named Caroline too). She understood my stress, and instead of watching me struggle and judge my parenting, she saw a need and she met it! 

I know this is corny, but I can't tell you what a blessing that lady was to me today. I wish I had hugged her before we left (with Hudson STILL screaming his head off). 

As mother's we constantly read blog posts about how we are all the same, struggling the same way, fighting the same fight, but how often do we actually aid one another, mother to mother, in doing all this crazy stuff? I know I don't. I'm very quick to form an opinion, even a sympathetic one, but rarely do I go out of my comfort zone to do something about it. You can bet from now on I will!

Having been a single mom, you would think that I have seen/done it all in the way of crazy circumstances on the daily with a baby, but today was something I never experienced with Caroline. Coming home tonight to deal with Hudson's fussiness alone because Ryan is still out of town, has been really hard for me. I easily feel like I could cry myself to sleep I'm so worn out (and still have no groceries). But instead of wallowing in the stresses of today, I feel so incredibly blessed to have had the help of that angel who came to my aid in the form of a

PS. Okay maybe that wasn't so short ;)


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