Dear Caroline: A letter to my best help!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

As many of you know, my blog's primary purpose is a collection of life as my babies are growing, so that someday I can have it printed into books to gift them. It's full of letters, and reflections, and opinions, so that someday they can see who I was when they were growing, and how I have changed as a mother in the course of their childhood. That being said, below is a letter to Caroline. Nothing inspirational for ya'll today. Sorry! Nothing to change your world, just a note to the girl that changes mine. But your welcome to read my note to her!

Dear Caroline,

This week has been a trying week! It was the first time Dad went out of town since Hudson was born, and the first week that Hudson has totally bombed our girls nights! He has been rough this week. He has whined and cried. He has demanded most all of my attention. He has been constant entertainment for us. He has made making dinner a more lengthy and difficult task. He has made watching our shows virtually impossible. He has even made our shopping a miserable endeavor (see last post). But the one thing that remained for me this week, was you. Tried and true, steady as a rock, you are always the Caroline I know. 

I just wanted to write this little note to you, to remind you of how proud I am to call you mine. You are so strong, and so understanding, and such a trooper. You never complain about all the changes. You never get angry at him for being so annoying. You never make having you around a burden for me. 

You are SOOO much help. You hold things when I need an extra hand. You go get things for me. You watch him. You make me laugh even when I'm super frustrated. You always wait for your turn to have my attention. You are such a joy! 

Last night after giving Hudson a bath, I walked in to you asleep on the couch. (I mean seriously, can you be any easier of a kid???) We were going to make brownies after he went to bed, but you just couldn't make it! I carried you to bed, and asked you if you wanted to get up and make brownies. You told me just to wait and we could do them tomorrow. I moped around for a bit. While it was nice to have some time to my mommy self, I was truly sad that you were in bed. That was our girl time. I missed you. 

I can't tell you how often this week I have thanked God for giving me you and for making you who you are. I have constantly thought about how much help you are and how unique you are.

Today I called the school that you went to when you were like 2 years old because I'm trying to find a school now for Hudson. After talking to the principal for a while, I asked her how long she had been there because I thought she was there when you went. She asked your name, and as SOON as I said it she said, "Caroline! Oh my gosh! We were JUST talking about her!! We were talking about how intellectual she was and about those huge bows she used to wear, and how she was among one of the smartest kiddos we have ever had!!" 

My heart just melted into a puddle on the floor. Two and a half years later, and who knows how many kids, and they STILL remember YOU. I'm sure they tell people all the time about how cool their kids are, but Caroline, you are something special. People remember you. You change people. You are amazing. 

I just want you to know how proud I am and how thankful. I want you to know that you are going to do GREAT things, and I just can't WAIT until I can be as much support for you as you are for me. If you ever question my love, I hope these posts can remind you...

I love you Lion.



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