Happy 3 Months!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I can't believe this sweet boy is already 3 months old today. He is getting more handsome by the day, and now that he's smiling, he's turned into quite the hunk!

Here is some Hudson Stats:

Weight: 13.5lbs

Wearing: Some 0-3 months, but starting to get tight, so I am breaking out the 3-6 month clothes steadily. 

Diapers: size 2

Drinking: 6 oz. of formula every 3-4 hours.

Likes to: Talk baby talk, squeal, lick his hands, suck his thumb, lay on mom and dad's bed, snuggle

Milestones: Started riding in the seat part of his stroller this month. Has found his feet (SO FREAKING CUTE). Has started to grab toys and reach for things he likes. Started school. Making friends.

Still waiting for: A laugh! We are constantly getting these huge grins out of him, but no giggles yet.

Loves: When mom sing's the Itsy Bitsy Spider to me, and tickles me.

Sleeping: from 9pm-2am 
                          2am - 6am

The months are flying by! Especially now that I'm working, it feels like he grows up while I'm at work. I love the ages we are coming into. He's so much fun to talk to and watch his face light up when we walk into a room. We love our little guy, and can't wait to see what month 4 has to bring!


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