Tuesday, February 24, 2015

When we went to look this past Saturday, I had no idea we would be here 3 days later, packing up everything, and getting ready to put our house on the market. Several of you remember my post from a few weeks ago, here, where I pretty much admitted that we were too frustrated with our home search to continue. We had come to terms with where we live. We had found all of the positives, and committed to making it more of what we love. 

Well... this past week, a home that we had seen on the MLS previously (but never looked at), went back on the market. Having considered the house before, we decided that it didn't hurt to take a look. After all, if we didn't, it would be gone in a day or so anyways! So Saturday morning, at 9am we went and checked it out!

(Here is a sneak peak, hehe!)

We made an offer on Saturday afternoon, it was accepted on Sunday, and we even negotiated in the playset in the backyard and the custom closet system we wanted! We kept it all under our budget too! I feel like we really scored big and accomplished everything we were trying to- including
 Frisco ISD.

Excited as we are, the stress is real. What a blessing that I have had two days off of work to get the house packed up so we can declutter and get pictures taken. The goal is to list our house on Friday of this week!!! EEEK. Our home inspection on the new house in McKinney is today, and the "close by" date is March 31. With all of the sports, coaching, kids, jobs, and a trip coming up, we are BUSY.

Things can still happen, sales can fall through, so please send your prayers our way that this is an easy and clean process. Good news is, if anything were to happen, my house is as clutter free as I have EVER seen it, and I kinda LOVE that!!! Talk about a nice cleanse. 

After all of the ups and downs of searching for a new home. All of the "not this one" and "maybe we should stay" conversations, it's a crazy awesome blessing to have found a home, get all we wanted, and stay in our budget. God sure has had a funny way of teaching Ryan and I lately. Every time we have stopped trying to "fix" our situations: my job, the house, kids schools....he provides. He continuously reminds us to "be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10

Once we finally do, he always "works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."
Romans 8:28

All that said: If you would like our new address when we move, shoot me a message with your address so we can update you and you can send those adorable Christmas cards our way next year! I can't wait to share our new home with you. It has gorgeous molding around the windows, and beautiful kitchen with the white cabinets I was dying for. Taking pictures of the kiddos in this house is what I'm MOST excited for! (Not that that's why we are moving! HAHA). Be ready for some home project and pictures overload coming soon.



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