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Thursday, May 14, 2015

As we wrap up our Spring season of soccer, I wanted to post a couple pics of Caroline in her uniform and in the game! I'm so proud of her improvement this Season. She really had no desire to play soccer at the beginning of the season.

She was late getting signed up (way to go Ryan), and the only spot left was on a 6 year old's team who had been playing together for 3 years! She had some way bigger girls to play against being just 4 years old at the time. Also, her team consisted of 4 (outta 8) girls who play on a select team! HELLO! Can you say in over her head??

Caroline didn't see an age difference though. She can make friends with anyone, and while she was certainly not the best on the team, she got along well with the other girls and worked her booty off. She kept up with them, and kept a great attitude even though she didn't have the ball near as often as the other girls.

This season she scored a goal! Look on her face was PRICELESS. I'm SOOO glad Ryan was there to see it too (sometimes one or the other of us would take to games). 

My mom often tells a story about my first soccer season when I was 5. I was out there with by big bow in TEARS, asking my mother, "who are all of these other people?!" Referring to the other team, I didn't understand why we weren't doing the exact same thing as practice.
After playing, I can truly say, soccer was not the sport for me; not because I couldn't have been good, but because I hated the contact of the sport. I didn't like always guarding, and I certainly wasn't into fighting over possession of the ball. As soon as someone else had it, I was happy to back off!!

(Snack Time Always a Good Time!)

Tonight we were talking about signing up for Fall ball, and Caroline's words, "It's too much work for me. I don't like it when other people get close and want to steal the ball."
Shaking my head, all I can says is...Like Mother Like Daughter?
Fall Soccer 2015-TBD.


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