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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Good Morning Ladies and Gents,

I don't have any pictures to go with this post, but I just wanted to get something out there that has been burdening me for a while now.

I know that the news has always been somewhat depressing. Sadness makes good media it seems, but lately I feel like it's been so much worse than it ever has. I'm sure part of that is social media, and how easy it is to circulate news. It's in our faces: on the TV, on our Phones, on the Computer, you name it.

To share just a few issues that have been VERY prevalent in my news feeds and local news stations even just in the past 4 days: McKinney Pool Party (This was very near to where we live, and it's been scary/sad watching all of the issues, protests, debates, arguments, etc. right in our backyard [almost literally] ). Yesterday a woman was driving to work on a highway in Mckinney and was hit and killed, while her children were at home. Yesterday in the The Colony (where we used to live), a gas station owner's wife was shot in the face after a robbery and killed, while she has two daughters at home. In Austin, Randy Rogers from the Randy Rogers Band lost his 6 day old daughter to natural causes. 6 DAYS OLD PEOPLE!

These are just 4 things this week that I have PERSONALLY been tormented by. I'm so bothered by all of the sad news in the world today, that it literally burdens me. I hate it. I want to scroll past it, because at times I feel like if I read one more story about a terminally ill child, or mother dying before her babies even go to Kindergarten, that I will LITERALLY be sick!

So Courtney, whats the point? We all hear these stories. Why keep talking about them.

I wonder the same thing. 

Why do we keep talking about them?

We talk about them because we want support in carrying the fear that every one of us has inside as we live in a world of very scary chances. We talk about them because they happen, and keeping them inside to eat us alive is a form of self torture. We talk about them because we were not meant to live this life alone, and in moments of pain, and confusion, and fear...we are all desperate for a comrade against this fallen world.

That said, we are talking about them to the wrong comrades. Yes, we all need to share in pain and support our neighbors and family and friends, but they can not save us any more than the families who have lost lives this week. 

I tell my husband every night, "Life is not fair." 
All he can say back is, "No, it's not." 

The only one who can ease the burden that sin has placed on this world is our Savior, Jesus Christ. 
He is the only one who can comfort the heart.
He is the only one who can promise a better life.

If you don't know Jesus I ask you this: In a world full of hate, crime, grief, fear, and death around every corner, isn't it far better to believe in a Savior from it all, than to believe this was all we were here for? 

I have given birth to two beautiful children, and can honestly say the process of pregnancy and childbirth is one of the most beautiful things as humans we can imagine. I'll be damned if you enter this scary place so beautifully only to end it all full of fear and pain. 

There is more.

It's extremely scary in this world. Life is NOT fair. Life IS short. The news will keep circulating. You can not hide from it. You can not avoid the truth.

What you can do is join forces with the only one who can truly share the burden of this life, because he carried the ultimate burden of sin. Only then, will we be able to support our brothers and sisters in their times of grief, yet still rejoice in the beauty of his love and promise of something far greater than this life. 

Now go kiss your kids and spouse, go call your parents, go check in on that friend. 
Let's give people a reason to smile!


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