Here Again

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

If you know me or have followed my blog for any amount of time, you then know (hold that, just saw someone drive by with a baby in their lap, wait, what?!) 
Sorry! So you would know that I am sometimes AWFUL at getting a new post up and out there. It's not because I don't have good intentions, but I just don't have the time!! So it's not uncommon to see a gap of posts and then see a "catch up" post to get you up to speed. 
It appears my last post was SOMETIME last summer. So since then here is a quick recap!
School started and Caroline went to Kindergarten. She has ROCKED it. She has become an even more awesome reader than she was before, and I swear she is the smartest kid in her class (HEHE). She's going on her 3rd season of Softball playing for the "Pink Unicorns", and she got her ears pierced this year!

Hudson also switched schools to be closer to home, and he has changed SO much. He's almost 18  months old now, walking, babbling, throwing tantrums, and in January had ear tubes put in so besides allergies he's been pretty infection free!! It's been liberating. 

The kids are BFFS, play so well together, both obsessed with our dog and totally overly obsessed with playing anything and everything outdoors. Which given that it's been a BEAUTIFUL winter in Texas, has been pretty 'doable'. 

Ryan is still working and traveling. He's been to Hong Kong, Germany, LA a lot, New York, Ohio, etc. in the past year. He claims he would rather be home with us, but secretly I know going out and playing darts with the guys for "business dinners" is not something he's totally depressed about either.  HA! 

Me? Well ya know, the usual. Working part time still, running Courtney Fry Photography , and since school started I got back into running for the first time since High School. What started as a way to potentially loose a little weight, turned in to a down right OBSESSION and challenge. I trained and completed a 10K this past November, did a 15K in Las Vegas in February, and recently just completed the Little Rock Half Marathon with my sister-in-law in March. I'm still running, but I'm currently cutting back on the mileage and training to 1. recover from an IT band injury and 2. run for the love of running for a few months, just the refresh and renew my passion.

I'm still attached to my camera and taking pictures of anything and everything in our world. You can follow along on my instagram @ms.courtneyjofry to keep up with the latest and greatest. 
As for family updates as a whole? 
We did Disney World in October.
We bought a 12ft. Christmas tree this year (it was amazing).
We have a trip to Key West planned this fall.
And who knows what other adventures we will find between now and then!
As I channel my inner creative nut, I will be back {hopefully} with some more recent blogging. 
For now- I have kids to pick up from school, and a 80 degree sunny & windy March afternoon to tend to!
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